How To Make A Strawberry Christmas Tree

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Delight your Christmas guests with a Strawberry Christmas Tree and watch them ohhh and ahhh at your stunning edible Christmas centrepiece.

Christmas desserts don’t need to be hard to make to look amazing. This festive Strawberry Christmas tree not only looks spectacular and tastes absolutely delicious but is super easy to make. It is also much healthier and more affordable than the Chocolate Christmas Trees I have bought in the past as Christmas table centrepieces.

A Strawberry Christmas Tree would be a great gift to take to a Christmas party for the host.

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Strawberry Christmas Tree

Strawberry Christmas Tree Ingredients

  • 5 Punnets Fresh Strawberries
  • 50 Toothpicks
  • 1 Star Fruit
  • 20cm Polystyrene Cone
  • Bunch of Fresh Mint

For my Strawberry Christmas Tree I used Victorian Strawberries. Victorian Strawberries are the highest quality strawberries. They are plump, red and absolutely bursting with sweet flavour. The Victorian Strawberry season is perfectly time for Christmas and beyond, extending from November to June each year.

Strawberry Christmas Tree Centrepiece Instructions

Step 1: Gather All The Ingredients

Gather all the ingredients and sort your strawberries by size so you can readily place the largest strawberries at the bottom of the cone and the smallest strawberries at the top.

Step 2: Wrap the Cone

Wrap the polystyrene cone fully in foil and place the cone on the plate or board you will be displaying and serving the strawberry Xmas tree on.

Step 3: Assemble the Strawberries on the Cone

Starting at the bottom of the cone, insert a toothpick into the cone and then place one of the largest strawberries on it. Repeat this process placing the larger strawberries around the bottom of the cone and continue circling the cone with strawberries until the cone is covered.

How To Make A Strawberry Christmas Tree

Step 4: Place Star At The Top

Cut a slice of star fruit, insert a toothpick at the top of the cone and place the star fruit slice at the top.

Step 5: Add Fresh Mint Leaves

Cover any gaps in the Christmas tree with fresh mint leaves.

Strawberry Christmas Tree Recipe Tips

I recommend inserting the mint leaves just before your guests arrive as otherwise in hot December weather they may wilt.

You can sprinkle the strawberry Christmas tower with icing sugar to represent snow if you want.

Alternatively you can drizzle melted white chocolate over the strawberries to represent snow.

Personally I prefer to leave my strawberries unadorned as Victorian strawberries are so full of flavour and don’t need any additional sweetening.

Strawberry Christmas Tree FAQs

Is this recipe kid-friendly to make?

Yes, kids love building things and will love ‘building’ this strawberry Christmas tree. Younger kids may need a little help with using the toothpicks. Older kids should have no difficulties creating this strawberry Christmas tree on their own. Do supply them with extra strawberries so they can nibble as they create.

I can’t find any star fruit, what else can I use?

You can use a strawberry for the very top of the Christmas tree if you can’t find a star fruit. You don’t need to have a star at the top of the Christmas tree.

Strawberry Xmas Tree

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