How To Make Easy Ribbon Christmas Tree Gift Wrapping

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I love creating my own Christmas gift wrapping. It may take a little bit more time than just using store bought Christmas wrapping but it’s a great way to personalise your gifts and make them unique and special for the recipient to receive.

Christmas craft activities like creating your own DIY Christmas wrapping paper are fun to do with the kids.

This Ribbon Christmas Tree Gift Wrapping is easy to create and always receives compliments. Here are the instructions how to make ribbon Christmas tree wrapping paper.

Ribbon Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper

Ribbon Christmas Tree Craft Materials Needed

  • Brown Wrapping Paper / Kraft Paper
  • Green Ribbon
  • Brown Cardboard
  • Shimmery Gold Cardboard
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Ribbon Christmas Tree Wrapping Instructions

Step 1 – Wrap Gifts

Wrap your Christmas gifts in plain brown paper.

Step 2 – Create Ribbon Christmas Tree

Glue the start of your ribbon diagonally in the midline of your present leaving enough space above it to add your star later.

Zigzag the ribbon down the present, gluing it at each point and turning it over to zigzag back.

Cut and glue the end of ribbon.

Step 3 – Add Base of Tree

Cut a small rectangle or brown cardboard and glue it on to become the base of the Christmas tree.

Step 4 – Add Star

Cut out a star from the shimmery gold cardboard or use a pre-cut gold star.

Glue the star to the top of the Christmas Tree.

This ribbon Christmas Tree wrapping paper looks so spectacular but is actually so simple to make.

Another easy DIY Christmas Tree design wrapping paper you might be interested in making is our Paper Straw Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper.

Ribbon Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper

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