How To Make Easy Reindeer Christmas Wrapping Paper

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There is something extra special about receiving your Christmas gift wrapped in festive and fun home made Christmas wrapping. To me it shows that the gift has been wrapped with extra love and care. One of my favourites is Christmas wrapping reindeer inspired. Reindeer wrapped presents always bring smiles of happiness at Christmas, as do cute and yummy reindeer Christmas treats.

There are various different reindeer wrapping ideas. Here is my favourite creative yet quick and easy reindeer Christmas wrapping paper for you to make, to take your Christmas gift wrapping up to the next level.

Making Christmas wrapping paper is a fun pre-Christmas activity for kids.

How To Make Christmas Reindeer Wrapping Paper DIY

Reindeer Wrapping Paper DIY Materials Needed

  • Brown wrapping paper
  • White, red and black paper
  • Black marker pen
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Reindeer Christmas Wrapping Materials

DIY Reindeer Wrapping Paper Instructions

Step 1 – Wrap Gifts

Wrap your Christmas presents in plain brown paper.

Step 2 – Create Eyes

Cut out ovals for the whites of the reindeer’s eyes and then smaller black circles for the black part of the reindeer’s eyes.

Size the eyes so they will be in good proportion to your gift size.

Step 3 – Create Nose

Cut out a red circle shape for the reindeer’s nose. Once again make sure it is in proportion to both the gift size and eye size.

Step 4 – Attach Eyes & Nose

Glue the eyes half way down the wrapped gift to allow enough room to add the antlers. Glue the nose under the eyes.

Step 5 – Draw Antlers

Draw antlers onto the wrapped gift with your black marker pen.

That’s it!

Simple, fun and festive!

It’s the perfect quick Christmas wrapping that adds a special personal touch to all your gifts.

Christmas Reindeer Wrapping Paper

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