Where To Buy A Real Christmas Tree Sydney 2022

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There is nothing more festive to herald the start of the Christmas season than the scent of a real Christmas tree. We always had a live Christmas tree when I was growing up and the scent of a fresh pine tree invariably takes me back to my childhood Christmas celebration memories. Live Christmas trees Sydney wide are an eco-friendly alternative to artificial Christmas trees. Buying a real Christmas tree Sydney you are doing your bit to help the environment. 

If you want to enjoy a green Christmas with a real Xmas tree Sydney this year and create your own precious Christmas scent related family memories with one of the best Christmas trees Sydney offers we have researched all the Christmas tree farms Sydney wide and the best places where to buy a real Christmas tree Sydney 2022 to write this guide for you.

Keep reading as we cover all the live Christmas tree Sydney options for you whether you are wanting a potted Christmas tree which is a great cheap Christmas tree option, or a cut Christmas tree, either a 3 ft real Christmas tree, a 7 ft Christmas tree or a 9ft real Christmas tree or any other height of live Xmas trees Sydney has. A potted Christmas tree can also be used again for Christmas in July celebrations the following year.

You can choose to have a real Christmas tree Sydney delivery or you can choose to transport it yourself, we’ll give you all the details. Some companies will even pick up your Christmas tree after Christmas to take it away for you, how convenient is that! One of the advantages with a fresh cut Christmas tree is that you don’t need to store it all year.

Visiting a Christmas tree farm together as a family each year to choose and buy real Christmas trees Sydney is a fun and festive family Christmas event tradition to start just like the Christmas traditions of enjoying Christmas carols concerts, watching a Christmas pantomime, indulging in a Christmas high tea each year, visiting the best Christmas markets to do your Christmas gift shopping and visiting all the spectacular Sydney city Christmas light displays.

If you want to buy Christmas decorations, baubles and lights for your Christmas tree online you can check out our guide to Australian online Christmas stores here.

buy real Christmas tree Sydney
Where To Buy Real Christmas Trees Sydney

Real Christmas Tree Farms Sydney 2022 Table

This table summarises where to find real Christmas trees for sale Sydney wide from a Christmas tree farm Sydney for your convenience. Further down this article we review each real Xmas trees Sydney outlet in more detail.

Sydney Christmas Tree Farm6 Namba Road, Duffys ForestClick HERE
Dural Christmas Tree Farm879 Old Northern Road, DuralClick HERE
Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm281 Windsor Road, VineyardClick HERE
Tomalong Christmas Tree Farm96 Pitt Town Road, KenthurstClick HERE
Merlino’s Christmas Trees260 Great North Road, Wareemba
(near Five Dock)
Click HERE
Christmas World206 Forest Way, Belrose
82 McEvoy St, Alexandria
1/11 Hollylea Rd, Leumeah
9-13 Aspen St, South Penrith
Click HERE
Aussie Christmas TreesRoyal Far West, Manly
22 Wentworth St, Manly
Click HERE
Floraly Tiny Christmas TreesOnline OnlyClick HERE

Where To Buy A Real Christmas Tree Sydney 2022

Sydney Christmas Tree Farm 2022

Sydney Christmas Tree Farm

A Christmas tree farm near me is the family owned Sydney Christmas Tree Farm at Duffys Forest close to the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Visits to this Duffys Forest Christmas Tree Farm are by bookings only. Check their website in early November when bookings open, and make a booking asap as the bookings all go extremely quickly. Do watch out for cancellations. This Christmas tree farm will be open for farm visits from 4pm Friday 2 December 2022.

Choosing a Christmas tree is a fun and festive family activity. At the farm you are able to wander around the property to choose your own live Christmas tree. The trees range from a couple of years old to 7 years old. Once you’ve found the best Sydney real Christmas tree that you want to buy, tie a ribbon on that tree, find one of the staff members who will quote you a price on your tree and cut it down for you. The price will depend on the height of the Christmas tree and its bushiness. The trees are all pruned several times a year for the Christmas tree market to obtain the best bushy shape.

Netting is available to pull your tree into a more compact shape for easier transport home. Christmas tree stands are also sold at this farm. This is one of the best places to buy a fresh Christmas tree Sydney wide.

Where: 6 Namba Road, Duffys Forest

When: Friday 2 December 4pm-6pm; Saturday 3 December 9am – 5pm; Sunday 4 December 9am – 5pm; Thursday 7 December 4pm – 6pm; Friday 9 December 4pm – 6pm; Saturday 10 December 9am – 12.30pm. Note: Sydney Christmas Tree Farm is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Dural Christmas Tree Farm 2022

Dural Christmas Tree Farm

Dural Christmas Tree Farm is Sydney’s largest fresh Christmas Tree Farm where you can go to choose your specific Christmas tree then sit back and wait for your real Christmas tree delivery Sydney wide. Or you can transport your Christmas tree home yourself. Netting of the Christmas trees is available to make transportation easier.

Dural Christmas Tree Farm also offer an installation service in Cinco Christmas tree stands upon delivery, and a collection and recycling service is available after Christmas of their fresh Christmas trees Sydney wide for your convenience.

If you don’t have the time to visit Dural Christmas Tree Farm you can buy a real Christmas tree online and have your real Christmas tree delivered to you.

Dural Christmas trees are the most beautiful and perfectly shaped real Christmas trees. They include some of the biggest real Christmas trees available in Sydney, up to 16 ft tall!

Dural Xmas Tree Farm also sell a variety of potted Xmas trees ranging from extra small real Christmas trees perfect for table centrepieces to extra large potted Christmas trees for people wanting a living Christmas tree rather than a freshly cut one.

This is the best Christmas tree farm for kids with a jumping castle set up on weekends, reindeer and farm animals available for patting on weekends and light refreshments for sale. Santa has also been known to make an appearance at this Christmas tree farm.

Where: 879 Old Northern Rd, Dural

When: Open daily from 26 November 2022 9am – 6pm.

Website: Dural Christmas Tree Farm

Merlino’s Christmas Trees 2022

Merlino’s Christmas Trees is a family owned and run business in Sydney’s Inner West growing, supplying and selling real Christmas trees for over 50 years.

They sell shaped freshly cut Christmas trees and live potted Christmas trees in a variety of sizes direct to the public from their warehouse in Five Dock, Sydney.

Their cut Christmas trees are Monterey Pines, all grown in the Blue Mountains region. Monterey Pines offer excellent quality straightness and uniformity which makes them the most perfect Christmas tree.

Cut Merlino Christmas trees come in sizes ranging from a 5ft Christmas tree. Please note however that this year there will be no 8ft or larger Christmas trees available for purchase.

They use a Christmas tree netting machine to wrap, compact and help protect your tree for the journey home. The netting also helps to keep your car cleaner from the loose Christmas tree needles. The netting is supplied for a gold coin donation that will support the Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick.

Merlino Christmas Trees sells several different varieties of potted Christmas trees including the Monterey Pine, White Spruce, Blue Spruce and Montrose Charm. All the potted Christmas trees are living, with their root systems intact, so they will continue to grow after Christmas.

Once you have chosen your Christmas tree in store, delivery can be organised up to 15kms distance from the Wareemba warehouse or you can transport the tree yourself.

Where: 260 Great North Road, Wareemba (Near Five Dock)

When: Open from 27 November 2022, 10am – 4pm daily.

No pre-orders or reserves. Walk-ins only.

Website: Merlino’s Christmas Trees

Christmas World 2022

Christmas World

Christmas World was the first to introduce the perfectly shaped fresh cut USA style of Christmas tree to the Sydney market more than 20 years ago.

If you are looking for Christmas trees for sale Sydney wide then Christmas World has 3 different Sydney locations. Their fresh cut Christmas trees Sydney come from a Christmas tree farm in Sydney and are beautifully shaped, lush and full. Christmas World guarantees their trees will stay fresh for 4-6 weeks as long as you follow their care instructions. Christmas World live Xmas trees vary from 5ft in height to a breathtaking 12 ft in height.

There truly is nothing quite like the look, smell, and feel of fresh Christmas trees. Indulge in a little festive magic this year.

Where: 206 Forest Way, Belrose
82 McEvoy St, Alexandria
9-13 Aspen St, South Penrith

When: Fresh Christmas trees will be sold daily from 26 November 2022

Website: Christmas World

Aussie Christmas Trees 2022 – Royal Far West, Manly

Aussie Christmas Trees

If you want to support a worthy charity with the purchase of your eco-friendly real Christmas tree we recommend buying your Christmas tree at Aussie Christmas Trees which supports the Royal Far West children’s charity. 100% of profits from tree sales and market stall fees go directly to the Royal Far West children’s charity.

Christmas trees sold include potted Blue Spruce and Radiata Pines, and freshly cut Douglas Firs and Radiata Pines.

Aussie Christmas Trees have also created a Christmas Market with local stall holders selling handmade and sourced Aussie goods on the site too.

Where: 22 Wentworth St, Manly

When: Open Saturday 3 December 2022, 6am – 4pm, walk-ins & pre-orders; Sunday 4 December 2022, 6am – 4pm, walk-ins; Saturday 10 December 2022, 6am – 4pm walk-ins & pre-orders; Sunday 4 December 2022, 6am – 4pm, walk-ins.

Note pre-orders are only available for pick up between 6am – 8am. Pre-orders close 3 days before each Saturday. Check out the Aussie Christmas trees website for more details.

Website: Aussie Christmas Trees

Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm 2022

Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm

Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm is a family run business that is home to fresh, long lasting, beautifully shaped Radiata Pine Christmas Trees. They provide pre-cut Christmas trees daily from the farm. Each Christmas tree has its own personality and has been regularly trimmed and shaped throughout its 4+ year growth span. Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm trees receive a lot of love and attention, and you will definitely be able to tell! It’s no wonder that Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm is one of Sydney’s favourite Christmas tree farms.

Willy’s farm is the ultimate destination to bring the whole family to create Christmas memories and traditions.

Do note that Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm does NOT have any EFTPOS facilities.

Where: 281 Windsor Road, Vineyard

When: Open from the last weekend of November 2022

Website: Willy’s Christmas Tree Farm

Tomalong Christmas Tree Farm 2022

Tomalong Christmas Tree Farm

Tomalong is a ‘cut your own’ Christmas tree farm. the price of the Christmas trees varies from $150 to $450. Visit the Tomalong Christmas Tree Farm website for more pricing information.

Bring the whole family to choose and buy a real Christmas tree Sydney and create a new Christmas tradition.

Note: No EFTPOS facilities on site.

Where: 96 Pitt Town Road, Kenthurst

When: Opens Saturday 26 November 2022 at 7am. Open 7 days a week, all daylight hours.

Website: Tomalong Christmas Tree Farm

Floraly Small Real Christmas Tree 2022

Floraly Tiny Christmas Tree

The Floraly tiny Christmas trees are the cutest Christmas trees ever! These tiny Xmas trees stand at approximately 45-50cm tall including the pot making them perfect for smaller spaces and tabletops.

These small live Christmas trees come with everything you need for set-up and decoration including fairy lights, tree topper and baubles.

These real mini Christmas trees can even be replanted so they can be enjoyed again next Christmas and many more Christmases to come.

These little real Christmas trees are also a great Christmas gift to send some festive cheer to a friend or relative. They are great for grandparents who may not want the fuss of setting up a large Christmas tree but still want some festive cheer in their homes.

Where: Order online

Website: Floraly Tiny Christmas Trees

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Environmentally Friendly To Cut Down A Tree To Use For Christmas?

Real Christmas trees are more environmentally friendly than artificial Christmas trees. Real Christmas trees are not harvested from a natural forest. They are grown as a crop on a farm just like wheat. They are a renewable, sustainable and recyclable, natural product. Artificial Christmas trees on the other hand are a non-renewable, non-biodegradable, plastic and metal product.

Once a real Christmas tree is harvested, new seedlings are planted to replace it. These would not have been planted if the trees hadn’t been harvested for Christmas the previous year.

Do I Need A Stand For My Real Christmas Tree?

Yes, you do need to pop your real Christmas tree into a stand at home. The best type of stand is one that can be filled with water to keep your Christmas tree fresh and smelling great for longer.

Do I Need To Trim The Base Of A Real Christmas Tree Before Installing It?

It is best to trim a couple of centimetres off the stump of the Christmas tree before installing it into a water stand if the tree has been cut down for longer than 3 hours or so. A fresh cut will increase the water take up into the tree and keep it fresh for longer. This is the same concept as when you trim the stems of bought flowers before you pop them into a vase at home.

How Long Will A Cut Real Christmas Tree Last For?

This depends on a number of factors including how well you care for it, the type of stand you place it in and where you keep it. With good care most Christmas trees should last for at least four to five weeks inside and thus the whole Christmas season.

Where To Buy A Real Christmas Tree Sydney

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