How To Make Easy Paper Straw Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper

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I love making my own Christmas wrapping paper each year.

DIY Christmas wrapping paper adds a special unique touch to gifts and the gift recipients always appreciate that little bit of extra effort and love that went into wrapping their gifts.

This Paper Straw Christmas Tree wrapping paper looks beautifully festive yet is quick and easy to make.

Christmas craft activities are fun and this is a fun paper straw craft idea that the kids can help create.

How To Make Easy Paper Straw Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper

Materials Needed


Step 1 – Wrap Gifts

Wrap the gift in brown wrapping paper with sticky tape.

Step 2 – Create Christmas Tree

Cut the straws in graduating lengths depending on the size of your gift.

Starting at the top, using the glue gun, glue the smallest length of paper straw in the midline towards the top of the gift, leaving adequate room to add a star later.

Continue gluing gradually longer lengths of paper straw to create your Christmas tree. Choose the number of paper straw layers depending on the size of your gift.

Step 3 – Add Trunk

Cut two small equal lengths of paper straw and glue these to be the trunk of the Christmas tree.

Step 4 – Add Star

Cut out a star from glittery gold cardboard or use a pre-cut gold star.

Glue the star to the top of the Christmas Tree.

How To Make Easy Paper Straw Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper

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