Easy Christmas Wrapping With Greenery & Bells

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The lead up to Christmas is always super busy. The last thing you want to spend hours doing is time consuming Christmas wrapping, yet you still want your Christmas wrapping to look unique and special.

Say hello to the easiest Christmas wrapping ever using natural Christmas wrapping with greenery and bells.

Gift recipients always exclaim about how beautiful, creative and memorable this Christmas wrapping is.

Easy Christmas Wrapping With Greenery & Bells

Materials Needed


Step 1 – Wrap Gifts

Wrap your Christmas gifts in plain brown paper.

Step 2 – Add Red Twine

Wrap the red twine twice around the wrapped gift. The red twine adds a wonderful festive vibe to the wrapping.

Red and white twine also looks festive and works well.

Step 3 – Add Greenery

You can add any greenery you like to this wrapping. I have used cuttings from Christmas trees in the past but this Christmas I just cut some greenery off an evergreen scrub in my front yard. I felt this added more of a personal touch to the gifts.

Step 4 – Add Craft Bells

Tie two little craft bells to the greenery on the Christmas gift.

Bells are a beautiful symbol of Christmas and I love the jingle these little craft bells make when the gifts are picked up and moved.

Easy Christmas Wrapping With Greenery & Bells

This really is the easiest Christmas wrapping ever that still looks creative, special and festive.

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Merry Christmas!

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