15+ Christmas Fruit Ideas For The Festive Season

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Are you looking for spectacular, fun and festive Christmas fruit ideas to serve during the festive season including on Christmas Day?

Fruit is so refreshing in Australia’s hot December weather. It is a delicious, light and healthy Christmas food option. There are so many cute Christmas fruit ideas that are easy to make and take along when asked to bring a plate.

Whether you are looking for Christmas fruit platter ideas for Christmas parties, Christmas fruit snack ideas for December after school snacks, Christmas fruit skewer ideas, Christmas fruit centrepiece ideas, or any other Christmas themed fruit inspiration we’ve got it covered.

To make your Christmas planning a bit easier for you all our Xmas fruit platter ideas include a red text link to the full recipe.

I hope you find this article helpful and fruitful (pun intended).

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Christmas Fruit Ideas Australia

Christmas Fruit Trees

Christmas fruit trees are a spectacular and festive way to present your fruit on Christmas Day. They are perfect to use as an edible Xmas table centrepiece. Following are some of our favourite festive fruit trees.

Strawberry Christmas Tree

A strawberry Christmas tree is a spectacular Christmas table centrepiece that will both impress your guests and taste delicious. I love placing a slice of star fruit at the top of the strawberry tree for a bit of extra festive wow factor, plus mint leaves for greenery. You could also drizzle some melted white chocolate onto the strawberries to represent snow on the Christmas tree but personally I think the strawberries are sweet enough in December not to need any additional sweetness.

Fruit Salad Christmas Tree

You don’t have to limit yourself to one variety of fruit for a Christmas fruit tree, why not make a fruit salad Christmas tree using your favourite in season fruits. This one cleverly uses a pineapple and pear as its base.

Kiwi Fruit Christmas Tree

Kiwi Fruit Christmas Tree

You can also present your Christmas fruit trees flat on a Christmas fruit platter too. This kiwi fruit Christmas tree proved to be a crowd pleaser at our Christmas party last year. The strawberries and blueberries add a fun pop of colour representing Christmas lights on the tree. This is such a popular Christmas fruit platter Australia wide.

Pineapple Christmas Tree

I absolutely love this pineapple Christmas tree that uses pineapples as its base and incorporates the spikey green crown of the pineapple into its design. This adds a definite visual wow factor to this spectacular Christmas table centrepiece. Click the link for a YouTube tutorial on handy tips and tricks how to make a pineapple fruit tree like this.

Watermelon Christmas Trees

These watermelon Christmas trees are super easy to create and are a great Christmas fruit plate to take to your kids’ end of year Christmas parties for their school, band or sporting team when you are asked to bring a plate. Cold watermelon is so refreshing on a hot day and these watermelon Christmas treats look so fun and festive. I love that each Watermelon Christmas tree has a convenient ready made handle making them easy for kids to hold and eat without requiring them to have a plate.

If the weather is hot where you live this Christmas a watermelon Christmas salad is always appreciated by your Christmas guests too.

Christmas Fruit Wreaths

Another stunning Christmas fruit arrangement for the big day is serving your fruit in the shape of a Christmas fruit wreath.

Grape Christmas Fruit Wreath

Cold grapes are always welcome on a hot Aussie Christmas Day. This green grape, strawberry, blueberry and cherry Christmas wreath not only looks stunning and festive with its predominance of red and green Christmas colours but also tastes absolutely delicious and refreshing too. It is a fabulous piece of Christmas fruit art.

Christmas Fruit Wreath

Christmas fruit wreaths are so easy to put together. You don’t need a base to stick the fruit to with toothpicks, you can just lay the fruit around a large circular plate with a ramekin in the middle. Who knew something this simple, quick and easy could look so festive and amazing, receiving so many compliments.

Christmas Fruit Skewers

Christmas fruit skewers are easy to hold and eat while mingling and chatting with other guests. They are great for taking to kids’ Christmas parties and functions where you are required to bring a plate. They are a healthy and delicious alternative to all the other sugar laden treats that will no doubt be served.

Grinch Fruit Skewers

Christmas Grinch Fruit Skewers

Grinch fruit skewers are another delightful festive fruit treat that kids will love. They are perfect as Christmas season after school snacks or healthy treats while watching the Grinch movies. They are also perfect for taking to kids’ Christmas parties being quick to make, easy to hold and refreshing to eat.

Strawberry and Marshmallow Santa Skewers

Strawberry and marshmallow Santa skewers are super cute festive treats with their strawberry hat on top of a marshmallow Santa face. Although they do include a large marshmallow I have included them in this Christmas fruit ideas guide due to the strawberry hat.

Strawberry Banana Santa Skewers

If you want a healthier version of the strawberry and marshmallow Santa skewers you can substitute a banana for the marshmallow to make these delightful and delicious strawberry banana Santas. Try and make these as close to serving time as possible to prevent the banana from browning.

Banana Snowmen Skewers

Banana snowmen are a cute and healthy December afternoon school snack my kids love. I wouldn’t however serve this on a Christmas party platter as I’d be worried that the bananas may go brown quickly due to the way they are sliced.

Christmas Strawberry Ideas

Strawberries are the best fruit for creating festive and fun Christmas treats thanks to their red Christmas colour and the fact that they are in peak season and thus deliciously sweet throughout the Christmas season. There are so many different Christmas strawberry creations you can make. Here are a couple of our favourites.

Strawberry Santas

Imagine the delight of your family and friends when you serve up a platter of these adorable strawberry Santas. They are almost too cute to eat but trust me these Santa strawberries will all go in a flash. The flavour combination of strawberries and cheesecake filling is a winner!

Strawberry Santa Hats

Strawberry Santa hats look festive and are quick and easy to make. There are various different versions of Christmas strawberry hats you can make but I love this simple version which tastes delicious and looks amazing served on a platter in bulk.

Santa strawberry hats can also be used to elevate other desserts to look more festive. They can be placed on cakes, brownies and biscuits.

Other Christmas Fruit Ideas

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Pears

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Pear

During December I like to make my kids after school snacks fun and festive but still healthy and nutritious. These Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas pears are perfect for this. Aren’t they just the most adorable Christmas fruit creations ever!

Watermelon Snowman Christmas Fruit Platter

I love serving icy cold watermelon on hot Christmas Days and one of the cutest Christmas watermelon presentation ideas I have ever seen seen is this Watermelon snowman. This is the perfect Christmas fruit platter Australia wide for our hot December weather.

Do you want to build a (watermelon) snowman? If so, click the link above to watch a tutorial video about how to make this watermelon snowman.

I hope the above Christmas fruit plate ideas have helped inspire you this Christmas and helped you decide which healthy Christmas fruit recipes to serve.

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Merry Christmas!

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