How To Make Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuits

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These chocolate Christmas pudding biscuits, or marshmallow Christmas puddings as my kids call them, look cute and festive, taste delicious and are super quick and easy to make.

There are only four ingredients and no baking is required!

The ‘puddings’ are not real puddings but are actually chocolate coated marshmallow biscuits decorated with melted white chocolate, Jaffas and spearmint leaves.

It is a Christmas tradition in our family for the kids and I to make these yummy little chocolate coated Christmas pudding biscuits to take to the various Christmas parties the kids get invited to.

I hope you and your family and friends love these Chocolate Royals Christmas Puddings as much as my family and friends do.

Another cute no bake Christmas treat to make is Christmas Reindeer Oreo Cookie Pops.

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuits

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuit Ingredients

12 Arnott’s Royals chocolate biscuits

100g white chocolate melts

12 Jaffas

12 spearmint leaves

Christmas Pudding Biscuit Ingredients

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuit Recipe

Step 1: Melt The White Chocolate

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave in 30 second bursts stirring the chocolate in between each burst.

Stop heating the chocolate as soon as it has melted.

Stir the chocolate until it is all smooth.

Step 2: Add White Chocolate On Top Of The Biscuits

Place 1 teaspoon of the melted chocolate on top of one of the Arnott’s Royals chocolate biscuits allowing the chocolate to drip down the sides.

Do one biscuit at a time so the chocolate doesn’t set before you add the decorations.

Step 3: Add The Spearmint Leaf Lolly

Add one spearmint leaf lolly onto the biscuit. Hold in place for a couple of seconds to keep it secure.

I’ve seen other similar recipes place two spearmint leaves on the biscuit but I find the leaves tend to start slipping off the biscuit when you use two so I prefer using one.

Step 4: Add the Jaffa

Add one Jaffa onto the middle of the biscuit next to the spearmint leaf lolly. Hold in place for a couple of seconds until secure to prevent it from slipping off.

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuit

Storing Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuits

You can store these Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuits in an airtight container for up to 1 week.

It is best to store them at room temperature as storing them in the fridge will discolour the Jaffas.

Gifting Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuits

These Christmas Chocolate Pudding Treats are perfect for gifting to friends, classmates, neighbours and family.

To gift place one or more Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuits in a clear cellophane bag tied up with Christmas ribbon.

Recipe Tips & FAQ

Which white chocolate is best to use?

You can use any good quality white cooking chocolate such as Cadbury or Nestle.

My white chocolate is too thick and won’t drip down the biscuit.

You can add a little olive oil into your melted chocolate to make it thinner and drip easier down the biscuit if your chocolate is a bit thick. The olive oil will remain tasteless in the chocolate.

My kids don’t like spearmint leaves. What else can I use?

You can use green M&M’s cut in half for the holly leaves, together with a red M&M if you prefer.

Other lollies you can replace the spearmint leaves with include green jelly snakes or green jube lollies.

I can’t find any Arnott’s Royals chocolate biscuits. Can I use a different chocolate biscuit.

Chocolate coated Arnott’s Royals with their marshmallow centre are the perfect shape for these chocolate Christmas pudding treats but you can use any other chocolate coated biscuits too. One year we made them with the flatter shaped Arnott’s Mint Slice biscuits.

Is this recipe kid friendly to make?

Yes, kids love making this Arnott’s Royals Christmas pudding recipe. Younger kids may need help with melting the chocolate but older kids can make this recipe on their own.

I’d make sure to supply kids with additional Jaffas and spearmint leaves for sampling if they are make these festive treats on their own.

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuits
Chocolate Christmas Pudding Biscuits

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