Best Water Play Table Australia Buying Guide 2023

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Kids love playing with water, especially on hot Summer days, making water play tables a perfect Christmas gift in Australia. They are also a great gift for families with multiple young children as most water tables Australia wide allow several children to play with them simultaneously. It can however be confusing choosing the best kids water table for your specific child and their environment so we’ve done the research for you identifying the best water activity tables for you in this Best Water Play Table Australia Buying Guide.

Whether you are looking for the best water table overall, the best wooden water play table, the best sand and water play table, or the best water play table for toddlers keep reading.

In addition to reading the best water table reviews I highly recommend you also read the decision-making factors to consider when buying a water table.

For quick reference I have included all the water tables reviewed in a best water table Australia comparison chart with links to where they are available to purchase from online to save you having to drive around to all the stores.

Best Water Play Tables Australia

Best Water Play Table Australia Comparison Chart

Browse through the listed best kids water table options to find the best water play table for your child.

For your convenience you can click on any of the links to take you to the relevant online website for that particular water play table so you can check out the current price and buy it immediately if you want.

Little Tikes
Magic Flower
Water Play Table

Interactive blooming garden & pond. Magic flower blooms when watered.

Working frog fountain & spinning turtles.

Includes 10+ accessories:
3 staked turtles
2 staked frogs
2 floating ducks
2 cups
1 watering can, &
1 swimming fish.

Suitable for ages 2 years+.

Includes 5 unique activities. Can be played with by multiple children at once.
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Plum Kids
Sand & Water
Picnic Table
Most versatile kids water play table –
multi purpose table with lid.

Separate water & sand play areas or have two water play areas. Sand and water liners included.

Doubles as a picnic or craft table.

105 x 89 x 46cms (L x W x H)

Holds 7.5kgs sand (half full) or 15 kg sand (full).

Made from sturdy FSC certified Chinese fir timber.

Suitable for up to 4 children.

Recommended age range from 18 months+.
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Keezi Kids Outdoor Umbrella Sand & Water Table Play Set

26 piece play set including a spinning water wheel, moveable sand bucket, train, boat slide & more.

Detachable & height adjustable umbrella.

Water outlet with supplied water plug.

European safety certification.

Made from eco-friendly & non-toxic plastic.

Smooth rounded edges.

Base dimensions: 54cms x 63cms.

Recommended age range from 3 years+.
See Price HERE
Plum Play
Sandy Bay
Sand & Water Tables

Protective cover and ground sheet included.

FSC Certified Wood.

Dimensions Sand Pit: L63cms x W67cms x H60cms.

Water pit stores neatly under sand pit nest style.

Suitable for multiple children.

Recommended age range 18 months+.
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Little Tikes
Flowing Fun
Water Table

13 Interchangeable pipes, fittings & faucets plus a scoop, bucket & boat is included with this water table.

Works with or without a garden hose attached.

This water table is perfect for hands on learning.

Water can be channeled into 3 fountains.

Pour water in the central tower to create a fun, cascading waterfall.

Table holds approximately 26.5 litres water.

L75cms x W75cms x H95.5cms


Recommended for ages 2 years+.

Can be played with by 3-4 kids at once.

Perfect height for toddlers.
See Price HERE
Discovery Wall
Upright waterfall wall.

13 piece accessory set.

Endless ways to build the waterfall wall.

Easy drain plug.

84.5cm x 71cm x 41cm.

Suitable for ages 18 months+.

Can be played with by 2-3 children at once.
See Price HERE

Water Play Table Reviews

Little Tikes Magic Flower Water Play Table

Little Tikes Water Play Table – Magic Flower

This interactive Little Tikes Magic Flower Water Play Table is so much fun to play with in Summer and will delight young children as they pour water with the provided watering can or cups to float the ducks, spin the turtles, activate the frog fountain or most spectacularly, bloom the flower.

All the Little Tikes Water Play Table reviews of this toy are overwhelming positive. One reviewer, LB, wrote “This is a great toy for a hot day – my granddaughters love it!”


  • Material: colourful plastic
  • 5 unique, interactive activities
  • 10+ accessories including 3 stakes turtles, 2 staked frogs, 2 floating ducks, 2 cups, 1 watering can & 1 swimming fish
  • Can be played with by several children at once
  • Recommended for ages 2 years+.

Plum Kids Wooden Sand & Water Picnic Table

Plum Kids Wooden Sand and Water Picnic Table

This Wooden Sand & Water Table is the most versatile water table.

I love how multi-functional this water play table with lid is. Not only does this great table have separate water and sand compartments (or use both compartments as water play areas) but you can place a centre wooden panel over the top when it is not being played with to convert this water and sand play table into an alfresco picnic table or craft table.

This outdoor water play table has an attractive wooden design that would look smart in any backyard setting. The FSC certified timber is sturdy and durable. The timber is well finished with no rough edges. The lid protects the contents when they are not in play.

This Wooden Sand & Water Picnic Table is the best sand and water table Australia wide. My choice of the best water table is also backed up by all the children’s water table reviews I have read about this table which have all been overwhelmingly positive.


  • Material: FSC Certified Chinese Fir Timber
  • Dimensions: 105cm Length x 89cm Width x 49cm Height
  • Weight of Sand Required: 7.5kg (approx half full) or 15kg (full)
  • Sand and water liners included
  • Can be played with 4 children at once
  • Recommended for ages 18 months+.

Keezi Kids Outdoor Umbrella Sand & Water Table Play Set

This is the best water table for toddlers. The huge benefit of this Kids Outdoor Umbrella Sand & Water Table Play Set is that it comes with a detachable and height adjustable umbrella to provide children with additional sun protection while they play.

This 26 piece water and sand table play set includes everything you need for hours of fun water and sand play. Included are numerous accessories: 3 trains, 3 funnels, 4 holders, 2 boats, 2 spinners, spoon, watering can, bucket, paddle wheel, see-saw scoop, shovel rake and more.

The entire water play set is lightweight yet sturdy and stable with a three leg base. I love the convenient water outlet with included water plug to ensure easy drainage of water when play time is over.

Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic plastic, this toddler water table play set is European Safety certified. If you are wanting one of the best sand and water tables for toddlers you need to consider this one. I highly recommend this toddler Water Play Table Australia wide.


  • Material: Colourful plastic
  • Base Dimensions: 54cms x 63cms
  • Separate sand and water compartments
  • Can be played with by several children at once
  • Recommended for ages 3 years+.

Plum Play Sand And Water Table

Plum Play Sand And Water Tables

The Plum Play Sand and Water Play Table Australia is beautifully made and designed from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timber. This means the timber has been sourced from sustainable forests using eco-friendly and ethical practices. It is sturdily built and comes with a one year warranty. The edges have all been rounded to minimise the risk of injury.

I love the aesthetics of wooden water tables. This wooden sand and water table looks a lot more beautiful and natural than plastic play tables in a garden setting.

The two tables are designed to nest together when not in use minimising the space they take up. This is beneficial if you are short on space especially if you are storing the tables in the garage or shed when they are not in use. A lightweight cover is also included in the price which is good for ensuring bugs, animal poo and rain doesn’t enter the tables when they are not in use. Liners are also included.


  • Material: FSC Certified Wood
  • Dimensions: L63ms x W67cms x H60cms
  • Can be played with numerous children at once
  • Recommended for ages 18 months+.

This water play table has been super popular and unfortunately is not currently available. Once it becomes available again I will add a link to this guide for it.

Little Tikes Flowing Fun Water Table

Little Tikes Flowing Fun Water Play Table

The Little Tikes Flowing Fun Water Table is one of the best water tables on the market.

This kids water activity table has dozens of features including moveable pipes, fittings and faucets plus three fun accessories (a scoop, bucket and boat) to keep your children happy for hours playing with water. It is the best water table for kids for developing fine motor skills and also learning hands on science skills. It is such a fun water activity play table especially on hot days.

This water table is perfect for families with multiple children as 3 children can all play simultaneously on this water table and it is suitable for a range of ages. Recommended for ages 2 years+, 2 year olds will enjoy emptying containers of water into the tower and activating the fountains, while older children will enjoy using their imagination to move and change the pipes and fittings to change the water flow direction.

Overall this Little Tikes Flowing Fun Water Table will result in hours of fun outdoors playing with water.


  • Material: Colourful plastic
  • Dimensions: L75cm x W75cms x H95.5cms
  • Volume: Holds 26.5 litres of water.
  • Can be played with by 3 children at once
  • Recommended for ages 2 years+.

Waterfall Discovery Wall

Waterfall Discovery Wall

The Waterfall Discovery Wall is a unique water play table. This water play station consists of 13 pieces that can be put together on the wall in different combinations. Children then pour water in the top and watch the water flow down through the different interactive spouts.

Two kids can play simultaneously and have races, or just discover how the water interacts with the different spouts. All the spouts can be changed for different affects.

Kids love constructing toys and this Waterfall Discovery Wall with it’s endless different combinations for them to construct is a winner. The mix of construction and water play makes this a strong contender for the best kids water table Australia wide.

This is a great interactive and learning water play table kids will love.


  • Material: colourful plastic
  • 13 piece accessory set with endless construction combinations
  • Easy drain plug
  • Dimensions: 84.5cm x 71cm x 41cm
  • Can be played with by several children at once
  • Recommended for ages 18 months+.

Benefits of Water Play

There are many benefits to water play including that it’s:

  • a fun outdoor activity, especially in Summer
  • good for sensory play and development,
  • good for developing fine motor skills,
  • good for hands on learning about volume, &
  • pretend play develops creativity and imagination.

Decision-Making Factors To Consider When Buying A Water Play Table

There are several factors to consider when buying a water play table to choose the right one for you.


Consider what look water play table you want. Do you want a cheerful bright plastic water play table or do you want a more natural wooden look water play table that will blend in with your other outdoor items? There are lots of different themed water play tables to choose from.


Make sure you check the dimensions of the water play table you are considering purchasing and ensure it is the right size for the space where you want to keep it.

Do you plan to keep the water play table in your backyard permanently or will you be storing it in a shed or garage when it is not in use?


What age group of child are you buying the water table for? Consider the height of the water table compared to the the height of your child. A lower height water table is best for toddlers. If you want the water table to grow as your child grows choose a height adjustable water table.


Do you want a multi-purpose water play table or one that is purely a water play table? Do you want it to double as a sand play table too? Personally I love water play tables that have a solid surface that can be used for outdoor picnics and craft as well.

Upkeep Required

How much upkeep does the water table you are considering require? Plastic water play tables usually just need a quick wipe over with soapy water to keep them looking good. Wooden water play tables may require staining them as time progresses to keep them looking good.

You will want to empty the water tables of water when they are not in use. Does the water table have a convenient plug/drainage system? Does the water table come with a lid?


What inclusions are you wanting with your water play table? Do you want a lid so you can cover up the water play table when it is not in use? Do you want the water play table to come with water toys to play with or will you add your own toys and containers? Do want an included umbrella for sun protection?

Also consider the age group of the children that will be using the water play table. Toddlers will be happy floating boats in the water and repetitively filling and tipping containers of water. School aged children will enjoy the extra stimulus of moveable pipes, fittings and pumps. If you have a range of different aged children playing with the water table choose a water table which offers both.

Where To Buy Water Play Tables

I tend to do all my Christmas gift purchasing research online. Water tables are bulky items to purchase and transport yourself so I definitely prefer buying them online and getting them delivered.

Buying online also saves the hassles of driving to a physical store, parking and risking the product being sold out in store. I find online shopping so much more convenient.

Throughout this buying guide I have linked the best priced online locations where to buy each water table I mention.

I hope this water play table buying guide helps you identify the best water play table for your child this Christmas and makes your Christmas shopping that little bit easier for you.

I’ve listed my recommendations for the best water tables above but if you are wanting to see more water table options click HERE.

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