Best Train Table Australia Buying Guide 2023

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Children love playing with trains for hours at a time. A train table is the perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift for little train enthusiasts that they will continue playing with for years.

Without a train table, toy train collections have a habit of spreading out all over the floor resulting in trip hazards and clutter. A train table defines the train play area and keeps all the pieces off the floor much to the delight of parents. Good train tables for kids can also include in-built storage. Some train tables come with a train set included, other train tables include just the table itself.

Choosing the best kids train table can be confusing however so to make things easier for you we have detailed the important factors to consider when buying a train table for kids and we’ve included a review of the top train tables Australia wide.

Whether you are looking for the best train table overall, the best train table for 2 year old children, the best wooden train table set or the best train table for Thomas we’ve got it covered in this Best Train Table Australia 2023 Buying Guide.

We have included all the train tables reviewed in a best train tables in Australia comparison chart for your quick reference with convenient links to where they are available to purchase from online. More detailed train table reviews then follow.

Click HERE to see our choice of the best train table Australia 2023.

Best Train Tables Australia 2023

Best Train Table Australia Comparison Chart

Waterfall Mountain
Train Table Set

Best Kids Train
Table With
landscape playboard.

4cm lip around table.

120 pieces in total
including a brightly
coloured train, track
& more. Compatible
with Thomas & Friends
and Brio.

3 red plastic bins
slide under the table
for storage.

Table material:
MDF, t-molding
& melamine.

Overall dimensions:
124W x 87D x 41H cm
See Price
Onshine Train
Set Table
Table material:

Natural paint.

Raised side walls
around table.

101 pieces including
track, trains, characters,
bridges and more.

Overall dimensions:
98W x 56D x 40H cm
See Price
2 in 1 Activity
Table & Board

Best Train Table
For Toddlers

Best Compact
Train Table
Double sided play board –
train track landscape one
side, other side LEGO
compatible surface.

– 30 piece wooden
train set with solid
wood tracks
– 200 LEGO compatible

Raised side walls.

In-built storage
underneath board.

Table material:
MDF, t-molding
& melamine.

Overall dimensions:
63.5W x 58D x 41H cm
Playboard dimensions:
61W x 51H cm.
See Price
Train Table

Best Wooden
Train Table

Table Material:
Solid wood.

Rounded corners.

Raised side walls.


Overall dimensions:
116.2L x 77.5W x 45H cm
this train table
is currently
sold out.

Best Kids Train Table Reviews

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Table Set – Best Train Table With Storage

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Table Set

The KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Table Set is the overall best train set table based on quality, inclusions and price.

All the Kidkraft train table reviews I have read have been overwhelmingly positive, agreeing with our review of this top quality wooden train set Australia wide.

This train table has a spacious play area allowing ample opportunity for creative and imaginative track lay outs resulting in hours of play in the landscaped world of Waterfall Mountain.

The Kidkraft table train set, an included 120 piece train set, is compatible with both Thomas & Friends and Brio train sets which a lot of children own. All the inclusions allow so many different layouts and storylines about trains to be created.

Another definite positive of this Kidkraft train table Australia is that once train play time is over and it’s time to tidy up, the three red storage bins slide easily and conveniently under the tabletop.


  • Silk screened landscape playboard
  • Table material: MDF, t-molding & melamine
  • 4cm raised lip around the walls of the table
  • Inclusions: 120 piece train set including a brightly coloured train, track & more
  • Track is compatible with both Thomas & Friends, and Brio.
  • Storage: 3 red plastic bins slide under the table for storage
  • Overall dimensions: 124W x 87D x 41H cm
  • Can be played on by numerous children at once.

KidKraft make the best wooden train sets Australia wide. Another top quality KidKraft childrens’ train table is the KidKraft Adventure Town Railway Set and Table.

Onshine 101 Piece Train Set With Table

Another best kids train table is the wooden Onshine Train Set With Table, an all inclusive train set that comes with its own wooden train track table. This would be perfect for a child that does not yet own any train set pieces.

This train table kids love is brightly coloured and would be a wonderful addition to a kids rumpus room for hours of fun train play.

KidKraft 2 in 1 Activity Table & Board – Best Small Train Table

KidKraft 2 in 1 Activity Table & Board – Best Compact Train Table

If space is restricted in your home then the KidKraft 2 in 1 Activity Table & Board is the best train table to choose. It is the best compact train table, has inbuilt storage under the playing surface and is also versatile with the reverse side of the playboard being a LEGO compatible surface. It’s almost like you are gifting two presents instead of one!

This KidKraft Activity Train Table not only comes with a 30 piece wooden train set with solid wood tracks but it also comes with 200 LEGO compatible bricks.

If your child wants to play at floor level for a change you can take the playing surface off the table and place it on the floor for a change.

The smaller size of this train table also makes it one of the best train tables for toddlers although you would have to supervise them closely with the small building bricks.


  • Double sided play board with train track landscape one side and a LEGO compatible surface on the other side.
  • Inclusions: 30 piece wooden train set with solid wood tracks and 200 LEGO compatible bricks
  • Raised side walls
  • Storage: In-built storage underneath board
  • Table Material: MDF, t-molding & melamine
  • Overall Dimensions: 63.5W x 58D x 41H cm
  • Playboard Dimensions: 61W x 51H cm
  • Can be played on by a couple of children at once.

Brio Train Table – Best Train Table For Imaginative Play

Brio Train Table

The Brio Train Table is perfect for setting up large train track creations. One of the best benefits of this train toy table is its large spacious play area. It is the best train table for imaginative play allowing endless different set-ups thanks to its large area.

It is also one of the best train tables for durability and longevity due to both its solid wood construction and its spacious surface enabling more elaborate train set-ups to be created on it as your child grows older and starts constructing more complex train set-ups. The raised side walls prevent toys from falling off the table.

Numerous children can play simultaneously at this play table making it great for families with more than one child.

Although this wooden train table contains no inbuilt storage there is heaps of room under the table to store your train collection out of the way in boxes when not in use.

The downside of this train table is that it comes with no train set. You would need to buy an additional Brio train set Australia or already have a train set.

Tired of playing with trains? This table is also perfect for block play.


  • Material: Solid wood with rounded corners
  • Raised side walls
  • Non-toxic and chip-resistant paint
  • Blue green water grass graphic
  • Dimensions: 116.2cm L x 77.5cm W x 45cm H
  • Can be played on by numerous children at once
  • Suitable for ages 3 years and older.

UPDATE: Unfortunately this Brio train table is currently sold out. We will add a link here again once it is restocked.

What is a Train Table?

A toy train table is a raised play surface to build your train set on, that is they are tables for train sets. The best train table for kids will have a lip around the table to prevent the trains, track or other play pieces falling onto the floor from the table.

Kids train tables keep little train lovers entertained and busy for literally hours at a time building tracks and pushing trains around their creations.

Benefits of a Train Table

1. Train tables keep the train set and all it’s pieces contained on the table and off the floor so the pieces aren’t scattered all over the floor in the living areas. This means parents are much less likely to accidentally hurt their feet treading on various carriages and tracks.

2. Train tables are at a great height for children allowing them to choose whether to sit on a chair or stand while playing with their trains.

3. Train tables with built in storage are a great way to keep train sets neatly tidy and organised when not in use.

4. Train tables allow numerous children to play with the train set at the same time and are thus a great gift for families with more than one child.

5. Creating train tracks on a train table helps children develop problem solving skills and logic, working out how to fit everything together on the table.

6. Building train tracks and playing with trains also help young children develop their fine motor skills.

7. Pretend play with train sets on train tables also encourages children to use their imagination and creativity.

Decision Making Factors To Consider When Buying A Train Table

There are numerous important factors to consider when buying a train play table to ensure you choose the best one for your child.

Train Table Size

Train tables come in numerous different sizes. It’s important to consider the space you have available in your home and consider where you want to store the train table. Always check the train table dimensions of the table you are buying, especially if you are buying it online.

Also consider whether you are planning on moving the train table regularly from a storage position to a playing position and back again or whether you will be leaving the train table in the one spot. All these factors will impact on which train table is the best for you to buy.

Also consider the age of the train table recipient when considering the best train table size for them. The best train table for a 2 year old may be a smaller size than the best train table for an older child who has a longer reach and wanting to build more elaborate train track set ups.

Train Table Height

Train tables come in different heights. Consider the height of your child recipient both now and in a couple of years time as kids continue to play with train tables for numerous years. Also consider whether you want your child standing or sitting on the ground or sitting on a chair to play at the train table.


Consider the material the train table is made of. Is it wooden or plastic or some other material? Is the material sturdy and durable? Is the train table sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the child if they decide to climb on top of it? Consider whether the table is heavy to move. Do you need to move the table or will it be staying where it is?


Consider what the train table looks like. Is it a natural wood colour? Is it painted? What colour is the surface of the table? How will the train table fit in with the rest of the room’s decor?


Some train tables are just that, a table. These tables require the child to already own a train set or you need to purchase a train set in addition to the table. Plain train tables with no inclusion are good if your child already owns a train set.

Other train tables come with a train set included. These train tables are good for introducing children to train sets. If the child already owns some train set pieces ensure the new pieces will be compatible with the ones they already own.

Always check what is included with the train table you are considering buying and make sure it suits your requirements.


Consider whether you want a train table with storage included for the train set or not. Some train tables have built in storage either in a built-in cavity under the play surface, or in containers under the table.

Room For Creativity

Is the train table big enough to allow space for the child to use their imagination and create the train track how they please?


Do you want a multi-purpose train table? Do you want it to double as a table for block building too? Do you want the reverse side of the table to be compatible with LEGO bricks for example.

Where To Buy A Train Table

I do all my Christmas gift research online and then I buy online too. Online shopping is so much quicker and more convenient than buying in store. It eliminates the need to drive to various different physical stores, search for a car park and then risk the product you are wanting being sold out in that store.

Children’s train tables are heavy and bulky items to transport yourself so I definitely prefer buying train tables online and getting them delivered.

Throughout this buying guide I have linked the best priced online location to buy each children’s train table featured.

I hope this train table buying guide helps make your Christmas gift shopping easier this year.

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Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

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