Best Pool Toys Australia 2021

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My children absolutely love spending time in our pool in summer and nothing makes me happier than seeing them and their friends playing in there for hours at a time. To keep them entertained we always have a variety of fun pool toys available and every year for Christmas I buy them some more of the best pool toys Australia wide.

Christmas in Australia occurs at the hottest time of year and coincides with the longest school holiday break so I truly believe one of the best Christmas gifts you can give are pool toys.

But how do you choose which pool toys to give? To make this task easier for you I have done the research for you and come up with the following best pool toys currently available including some of my family’s long time favourite cool pool toys.

Whether you are wanting to purchase the best inflatable pool toys Australia offers, the best floating basketball hoop or other floating sports games, the best pool floats or the best diving toys check out my reviews and recommendations below.

I have ensured all the pool toys I’ve chosen are available to purchase online so they are easy for you to purchase no matter where you live without having to drive far or venture out into crowded shopping centres.

Best Pool Toys Australia Comparison Chart

Wahu Hot Rocker See Price HERE
Bestway Plesiosaur Ride On Pool FloatSee Price HERE
Bestway Pop Ostrich Pool FloatSee Price HERE
Wahu 3-in-One Pool Game PackSee Price HERE
Wahu Pool BasketballSee Price HERE
Wahu Dive Fun PackSee Price HERE
Sunnylife Inflatable 3D Beach Balls

See Price HERE

Best Inflatable Pool Toys Australia

Wahu Hot Rocker

Wahu Hot Rocker

Inflatable pool toys are so much fun and one of the best inflatable pool toys Australia wide is the Wahu Hot Rocker.

Made to be used by two children at once there will be no squabbles over who’s turn it is to use when you have two children. Your children will both be squealing with laughter as they hold the handles of this plush rocker and rock it as sedately, or in my children’s case as wildly, as they like!

Bestway Plesiosaur Ride On Pool Float

Bestway Dinosaur Ride On Pool Float

Dinosaur fans love dinosaur themed gifts. If you have a little dinosaur fan in your life then they will absolutely love this cool dinosaur designed Bestway Plesiosaur Ride On Pool float.

Designed with heavy duty handles enabling the child to hold on tight as they float around the pool this top quality pool float float is so much fun!

Bestway Pop Ostrich Pool Float

Bestway Pop Ostrich

This is my pick for the best pool inflatable, the Bestway Pop Ostrich Pool Float. It is at the top of my Christmas wishlist.

Bright and colourful it epitomises summer to me. Not only will floating on this ostrich in the pool be fun and relaxing but it also looks fabulous when not in use.

Made from sturdy pre-tested vinyl this is the most fabulous of pool floats for adults as well as kids.

Best Pool Sports Game Toys

Wahu 3-in-One Pool Game Pack

Wahu 3-in-One Pool Game Pack

If you have a sporty family like mine that also love hosting friends and family over for pool parties then the ultimate pool sports games pack to gift them is the Wahu 3-in-One Pool Game Pack.

This Wahu pack includes everything you need to play pool basketball, pool volleyball and pool bash and will provide hours of summer pool fun.

It is the perfect pool games pack for school aged kids, teens and adults alike.

This pack is a favourite of my family.

Wahu Pool Basketball

Wahu Pool Basketball

Wahu pool basketball is the best floating basketball hoop and one of the best floating sports games. It is another of the best pool toys for older kids and younger kids, making it a great gift for families with a mixed age range of children.

This basketball hoop is quick and easy to inflate and set up and also easy and convenient to take down and store when not in use and when the swimming season is over.

This basketball hoop is made from durable, water resistant material and is well priced.

Pool basketball is a great family and pool party activity. Slam dunking the ball into the net is a lot easier in the water than on a real basketball court making this a fun pool toy for all family members.

Best Pool Diving Toys

Wahu Dive Fun Pack

Wahu Dive Fun Pack

The Wahu Dive Fun Pack contains a variety of dive toys including two dive sticks, two streamers and one ring all covered with soft neoprene material.

All the items are fluro hi vis and perfect for building underwater confidence in young swimmers. These toys are a definite winner for kids who love underwater diving games.

Best Inflatable Pool Balls

Sunnylife Inflatable 3D Beach Balls

Cutest Beach Balls / Pool Balls

Right from toddler age kids love playing with balls and these Sunnylife Inflatable 3D Beach Balls are the cutest beach balls I’ve seen.

Perfect for hours of outdoor summer fun either by the pool, at the beach or anywhere really, with a choice of a crocodile, unicorn or mermaid theme one of these balls is sure to appeal to most toddlers and younger kids.

These inflatable balls are made from durable PVC but do also come with a repair kit in case of puncture on a sharp object.

Tips For Choosing the Best Pool Toys


Safety is the number one priority around water.

Always choose pool toys that are weight appropriate for your children, and also appropriate for their level of swimming ability and water confidence.

Most inflatable ride on pool toys will specify a maximum user weight. Ensure your child is not over the weight limit or even right at the upper weight limit when you buy the pool toy. Allow for some growing.

Remember that inflatable pool toys are not a substitute for parental supervision of children in the water. Always supervise your children in the water.


Review the material the pool toys that you are considering are made of. All the pool toys featured in this guide are made of durable, hard wearing material.

Resist the urge to buy cheap pool toys from your local $2 shop. Every time I have bought these cheap pool toys I have regretted it as the toys have punctured often on their first use. I now only buy good quality pool toys.

Age Appropriate

Choose toys that are age appropriate for your gift recipient and align with their interests, whether this be dinosaurs, mermaids, sports or other interests.

Older children will usually be more interested in sporting game type of pool toys and diving toys.

Where To Buy the Best Pool Toys

I tend to buy all my pool toys online. I find it a lot more convenient to shop from home rather than have to drive to various stores, park and risk the product I’m wanting to buy being sold out once I arrive there.

Throughout this buying guide I have linked to the cheapest online location for each of the pool toys I mention.

I will update this buying guide when the next season of pool toys is released.

I sincerely hope this buying guide has helped you find the perfect pool toy for your needs and wants.

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