The Best Personalised Christmas Gifts Australia 2023 Buying Guide

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Unique personalised Christmas gifts are some of the most memorable Christmas presents to give. Your family and friends will be delighted with the thought and effort you have put into personalising their Christmas gift for them.

But where do you find the best personalised gifts? Well look no further. We’ve done the research for you and listed it all in this Best Personalised Christmas Gifts Australia 2023 Buying Guide together with the factors to consider when choosing the best personalised Xmas gift.

Whether you are looking for the best personalised necklace, the best personalised ring, or other personalised jewellery, the best personalised wine glasses or personalised beer glasses, the best personalised mugs, the best personalised baby gift, the best personalised cheese board, the best personalised kids books or even the best personalised dog bowl we’ve got it covered.

So grab a cup of tea and your Christmas list and let us help you tick off the gifts you still need to buy with these winning personalised gift suggestions.

Best Personalised Christmas Gifts Australia

Best Personalised Christmas Gifts Australia 2023 Comparison Chart

Browse our best personalised Christmas gift ideas quickly and easily by using this comparison chart to find the best personalised gift Australia wide for your gift recipient.

Click the links provided to take you to the relevant online website for that suggested personalised Xmas gift so you can see the current price and order it now if you want without even leaving your home.

More detailed information about each of the recommended personalised gift categories is included further down this article.


See a selection
of personalised
jewellery &
their prices

See personalised
initial necklaces
& initial earrings
Wine Glasses

Beer Glasses

See a selection
of personalised
glasses & their
prices HERE.
Baby Gifts

See a range
of adorable
personalised baby
gifts & their
prices HERE.
Cheese Boards

Chopping Boards

See a variety
of different
boards &
their prices
See a huge
selection of
mugs HERE.
Kids Books
See a collection
of personalised
kids books &
their prices
Dog Bowls
See a variety
of personalised
dog bowls &
their prices

Reasons Why Personalised Gifts Are The Best

Personalised gifts are memorable, highly valued and treasured. A personalised gift often shows how well you know someone and demonstrates that you have put extra thought and effort in to ensure the gift is unique and special with a personal touch specific to the gift recipient.

Personalised presents often have a back story and will evoke happy memories or a special relationship between the gift giver and gift recipient.

Personalised gifts are suitable for everyone. Everyone is sure to love a gift that features something meaningful to them whether it’s their name, nickname, birthstone or favourite quote.

Personalised gifts show that you have put thought and care into the gift and have gone the extra step to create something unique to that gift recipient.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Personalised Christmas Gift

Gift Recipient’s Interests

When considering which personalised gift is best to buy your gift recipient consider that person’s interests and hobbies. Are they a foodie? Do they love home decor? Do they have a pet dog they adore? Knowing this information about the gift recipient will help guide you to the best personalised gift for that person.

Gift Recipient’s Preferred Name

An important factor to consider is whether the gift recipient would prefer the gift to be personalised with their real name or their nickname. This depends on the person, the gift and their nickname. Also consider whether the gift recipient’s nickname is commonly used or just used by you or a couple of close friends.

Gift Recipient’s Age

It is especially relevant to consider the age of the gift recipient when they are a child. It is important the personalised gift matches the developmental milestones of the child. For example a gift suitable for a 7 year old differs to a gift suitable for a 13 year old.


Always remember your Christmas gift buying budget. The most loved gifts are not necessarily the most expensive ones.

Thoughtful personalised gifts chosen with love and reflecting the gift recipient’s interests and how well you know the gift recipient will be the most memorable and treasured gifts.

Best Personalised Christmas Gifts

Personalised Necklaces & Other Personalised Jewellery

Personalised Jewelery, Personalised Initial Necklaces, Initial Bracelets & Initial Earrings

Personalised necklaces, personalised bracelets and personalised rings are such meaningful Christmas gifts for family and friends that will be worn frequently by the gift recipient and treasured forever. They are one of the best personalised gifts for her Australia wide.

You can choose to personalise jewellery items with the gift recipient’s name, initials, birthstone or even with their children’s names and birthstones.

Partners can personalise jewellery with both their own name and their partner’s name as an extra special Christmas gift showing their love for their partner. This is a good Christmas gift for newlyweds.

Personalised initial necklaces, initial bracelets and initial earrings in the gift recipient’s favourite metal are another of the best personalised Christmas gifts Australia wide. They a perfect Christmas gift for younger girls, tweens and teens.

Personalised Wine Glasses & Personalised Beer Glasses

Personalised Glasses

Christmas is a time of celebrating and socialising with family and friends and enjoying a drink or two together. How special would it be to gift your family and friends personalised wine glasses, champagne glasses or personalised beer glasses to use over the Christmas season and beyond. Cheers to your family and friends never confusing their glasses with anyone else again.

There are various different styles of glasses available and unlimited personalisations you can choose.

A personalised wine, beer or champagne glass would also be a good inclusion in an adult’s Christmas Eve box.

Personalised Baby Gifts Australia

Personalised Baby Gifts Australia

Personalised baby gifts are so special and are a wonderful keepsake to treasure for life. Our favourite personalised gifts for babies include the pictured personalised pale pink leather or blue suede baby shoes personalised with the baby’s initial and personalised naming plate bracelets. For an extra special personalised baby gift there are also embroidered initial baby shoe hampers.

Personalised Cheese Boards & Personalised Chopping Boards Australia

Personalised Cheese Boards & Personalised Chopping Boards

Personalised cheese boards and personalised chopping boards are practical yet stylish Christmas gifts that enthusiastic home cooks and entertainers will love to receive. They are useful and appreciated personalised Christmas gifts for her and him.

A gifted engraved cheese board or personalised cutting board is sure to take pride of place in the kitchen of the recipient.

Custom cheese boards come in a variety of shapes, with and without a handle, and also made from a variety of materials including both bamboo or glass. Glass boards have a choice of colour so you can choose your gift recipient’s favourite colour, or one that matches their kitchen, as well as personalise it with the gift recipient’s name and/or a culinary related or humorous quote they’ll appreciate.

Personalised Mugs

Personalised mugs are a special yet practical Christmas gift to receive that can be enjoyed all year round. Customised mugs are versatile and can also be repurposed as storage either as a pen holder on your kitchen bench or in your office, or repurposed as a makeup brush holder on your bathroom vanity or as other storage.

Personalised Christmas mugs are a top Christmas gift for grandparents. Customise the mug with photos of the grandkids and fill the mug with chocolates, then watch their smiles of delight as they open this gift on Christmas Day.

At Moonpig mugs can be customised with the photo of your choice or with the slogan of your choice or other words. Moonpig au gifts also have the best personalised Christmas cards that I highly recommend checking out too.

Personalised Kids Books

Personalised Kids Books

Children love seeing their name in books. Delight them this Christmas with a personalised book that features them as the main character. This is one of the best personalised Christmas gifts for kids Australia wide especially when you choose a book related to a current interest of theirs such as pirates, dinosaurs, animals, mermaids or some other interest.

There is a large selection of personalised kids books available including personalised books for babies and personalised books for toddlers.

You may also be interested in our buying guide for the best Christmas Books for kids.

Personalised Dog Bowls Australia

Personalised Dog Bowls

In our household our dog is very much a beloved member of our family and joins in with all our Christmas celebrations. During December he has his own dog advent calendar, wears a personalised dog Christmas bandana and on Christmas Day we dress him in a Christmas themed dog outfit. We also include out dog in our family Santa Photos.

If you have dog lover family members or friends like us on your Christmas list then know that they would be thrilled to receive a personalised dog bowl for their pooch. They would love a gift which acknowledges the importance of their pet dog in their life.

Our daughter has already picked out a personalised dog bowl to pop in our dog’s very own personalised dog Christmas stocking on Christmas Day so he receives a Christmas gift just like we do.

More Personalised Presents

If you are wanting a different personalised Christmas present that we haven’t specifically covered in this buying guide you can check out more personalised gifts for him including personalised leather wallets, personalised toiletries bags, personalised keyrings, personalised cuff links, personalised bags and more, or personalised gifts for her including personalised leather wallets, monogrammed keyrings, cosmetics bags and more from Gifts Australia. Gifts Australia also have more personalised gifts for kids.

I hope the above guide to the best personalised Christmas gifts has helped you find the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones this year. Personalised gifts are such memorable and special gifts to give that are always highly treasured.

For more Christmas gift giving inspiration check out our best gifts for dog lovers, best water play tables and best unique Australian gifts to send overseas guides.

Happy shopping and merry Christmas!

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