Best LEGO Advent Calendar 2022 Australia Buying Guide

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LEGO advent calendars are one of the most popular categories of kids advent calendars.

Kids love to build with LEGO and if you combine this creative love with a secondary interest like Star Wars, Harry Potter or cityscapes and transport for example you will be able to choose the best LEGO advent calendar Australia wide to gift your child.

To help make things easier for you in choosing the best LEGO advent calendar for your child we have compiled this Best LEGO Advent Calendar 2022 Australia Buying Guide. Whether you are looking for the best LEGO Star Wars advent calendar, the best Harry Potter advent calendar, the best LEGO Friends advent calendar or the best LEGO city advent calendar or some other LEGO advent calendar you are in the right place.

Of course we should add that kids aren’t the only ones that enjoy LEGO advent calendars. I know a lot of adults who would love receiving a 2022 LEGO advent calendar in the lead up to Christmas too.

If LEGO is not your thing however there are many other types of adult advent calendars including alcohol advent calendarsbeauty advent calendarsfood advent calendars and tea advent calendars. So join in the advent calendar fun this year and buy not only your child an advent calendar, but yourself one as well.

Please note that this buying guide will be updated regularly in the months leading up to December as soon as the various new LEGO advent calendars 2022 are released onto the market from September onwards.

Best LEGO Advent Calendars Australia 2022

Best LEGO Advent Calendar 2022 Australia Comparison Chart

Browse the listed LEGO advent calendar categories in the table below to find the one that is most appropriate for your child and click on the link to see all the currently available advent calendars in that category. The good thing about LEGO advent calendars is that you can often buy past years versions of them too. So if you have two children in the same family that both love Star Wars LEGO for example you can buy them two different Star Wars LEGO advent calendars.

More detailed information about each of these LEGO advent calendar sets below.

For your convenience you can click on any of the links to take you to the relevant online website for that LEGO advent calendar for kids so you can see the current price and buy if you want.



LEGO Star Wars
Advent Calendars
LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022See Price
LEGO Harry Potter
Advent Calendars
LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022See Price
LEGO Friends
Advent Calendars
LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2022See Price
Advent Calendars
LEGO City Advent Calendar 2022See Price

LEGO Advent Calendar Star Wars 2022

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022
LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022

Star Wars fans will feel the festive force each day of December in the lead up to Christmas with the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022 Australia. This will be one of the most popular LEGO 2022 advent calendars. Each day a door can be opened to reveal a new LEGO Star Wars building toy such as a vehicle, weapon or accessory to construct or LEGO mini figure. Each day they will gather more and more pieces to play out epic Star Wars adventures. A fold out play mat to base their adventures on is also included. A Star Wars LEGO advent calendar will provide ongoing hours of fun play well past Christmas.

The Star Wars LEGO advent calendar 2022 release date was 1 October 2022. It contains 329 pieces including 5 LEGO Star Wars mini figures, 3 LEGO droid figures and 16 mini builds. 10 of the mini builds are vehicles including the Bad Batch Shuttle, Hoth AT-ST and more. 2 of the characters, namely C-3PO and R2-D2, come wearing festive jumpers.

Complement the Star Wars LEGO advent calendar with a Stars Wars LEGO kit on Christmas Day. Our favourites are the cute Yoda and The Child LEGO sets. The Imperial Light Cruiser and Fighter are always popular too as is the mega Millennium Falcon set.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022
Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar 2022

A Harry Potter advent calendar will give the lucky recipient a wonderfully magical build up to Christmas.

Awaiting behind each door is a different Harry Potter gift, either a LEGO mini figure, build or little accessory, day by day building a more elaborate wizarding scene from the Harry Potter movies that will inspire creative play throughout December and beyond.

The 2022 Harry Potter Calendar (76404) was released on 1 October 2022 and contains 334 LEGO pieces including 7 mini figures such as Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Moaning Myrtle and more . This year’s Harry Potter LEGO advent calendar is themed around the Harry Potter movie series. Every 3 days contains toys to recreate a new scene from one of the Harry Potter movies. The first 3 days’ toys make a scene from the first movie Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, the next 3 days make a scene from the second movie Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets and so on.

If your child loves the wizarding world of Harry Potter they will absolutely love the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar and love recreating classic scenes from the Harry Potter movies.

Once all the toys are revealed there is also a bonus game you can play with them all.

Complementing the LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar with one of the many amazing Harry Potter LEGO sets as the main Christmas present on Christmas Day is a fabulous gift idea. Our favourite Harry Potter LEGO sets include the Hogwarts Express, the Knight Bus, Hedwig and the Hogwarts Castle sets.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2022

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2022
LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2022

Is your child a fan of Friends or do they just enjoy role playing the joy of being together at Christmas? If the answer to either of these two questions is yes then they will be delighted with the 2022 LEGO Friends advent calendar. It is perfect for children aged between 6 to 12 years of age.

The 2022 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41706) contains 3 LEGO Friends characters, Santa and a reindeer, a sleigh piled with Christmas presents, plus fun Christmas activities behind its doors. In total there are 24 mini builds included for hours of LEGO fun.

This Lego Friends Calendar 2022 features Olivia visiting a Christmas market with her family where she builds a snowman, ice skates and does karaoke. There are also stalls selling festive food and one where Olivia can build a toy rocket to give as a Christmas gift. Another mini build enables them to get their photo taken with Santa and the characters also feed hay to Santa’s reindeer. By Christmas Day all the pieces combine to create a comprehensive and delightful Christmas market scene. There is flip down mat to play out the Friends festive adventures on.

The contents of this Friends advent calendar are perfect for creative play during December and beyond or to make a fun display in your child’s room.

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2022

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2022
LEGO City Advent Calendar 2022

The LEGO City advent calendar (60352) is an especially popular LEGO Christmas advent calendar for kids to build their excitement as Christmas approaches.

This City LEGO advent calendar contains 24 different mini build surprises, one for each day of December in the lead up to Christmas. This LEGO City calendar 2022 set is based on the LEGO City Adventures TV series and includes the well loved characters of Billy, Maddy, Mr Produce, Tippy and Raze plus of course a Santa mini figure.

It also features a fold down snowy winter wonderland play mat which sets the scene for endless imaginative adventures.

Kids will have hours of creative and imaginative play with the contents of this LEGO advent calendar.

This advent calendar is suitable for ages 5+ years.

LEGO City Advent Calendar contents can be combined with existing LEGO toy playsets for even more fun. A LEGO City set such as a car transporter, a fire station, an airport passenger plane, City Town Main Square, High Speed Passenger Train or other set could be the perfect complementary Christmas gift for your City LEGO fan.

I hope the above guide to the best LEGO advent calendars Australia wide has helped you find the best advent calendar for your child. LEGO is such a classic and iconic toy, it is one of the best Christmas gifts for children.

I really wish that LEGO would release a Duplo Advent Calendar as I know many under 5 year old kids who would love this. In the meanwhile I will have to make my own DIY Duplo advent calendar for them instead.

If you are wanting more Christmas gift buying inspiration you may also be interested to check out our best pool toys buying guide or best Christmas books for kids buying guide or best gifts for a dog lover.

Merry Christmas!

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