Best Kid Teepees Australia Buying Guide 2023

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Kids teepees Australia wide are the best birthday or Christmas gift. Kids love having their own private space to play in, read their books in, relax in and create imaginative play worlds in. It’s like their own special retreat area that you can add comfortable cushions, blankets and toys into and it can be used both indoors or outdoors depending on your preference. Best kids teepees can also be a stylish piece of kiddie décor with loads of styles, colours and sizes to choose from.

It can be confusing however to find the best kids teepee tent Australia wide to gift your child so we’ve done the research for you identifying the best kid teepees for you to choose from in this Best Kid Teepees Australia Buying Guide.

Children’s teepees look similar in structure to historical teepees and have the same advantage of being able to be packed away and reconstructed quickly when needed. Keep reading to find the best teepee Australia wide for your child.

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Best Kid Teepees Australia Buying Guide

Best Kid Teepees Australia Comparison Chart

Kids Teepees

Large range
of teepees
to choose
from including
floral, animal,
sealife, dinosaur
& more designs.

Assembled height:

Floor space:
110 x 110cms.
See Price
Kids Teepees

Several stylish
designs available
including natural,
pink, floral, spots,
stripes, monsters
& dinosaurs.

Assembled height:

Floor space:
100 x 110cms
or 116 x 116cms
depending on
chosen design.

Door opening:
70cms high.

Pine wood poles.

Polyester & cotton

Australian/New Zealand
Safety Standard
AS/NZS ISO 8124.
See Price
All 4 Kids
Kids Teepees

Numerous different
designs available.

High quality
cotton fabric.

Bonus matching
cushioned floor mat

120 x 120 x 145cms.
(Some All 4 Kids design
teepee dimensions
are slightly different so do
check before you buy if the
dimensions are an
important factor for you).
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Adairs Childrens Teepees Australia

Adairs Childrens Teepees

Adairs have the largest range of different teepees for kids in various different designs and colours. There is sure to be a design to match every child’s interests and every home’s décor.

Designs range from an enchanted whimsical ‘Garden Party’ world, a ‘Sea Life’ design, a ‘Gumnut Gully’ Australiana design, a beautiful soft floral ‘Feed The Flowers’ design, and more.

Adairs teepees are 160cms tall with a floor space of 110cms x 110cms, making them a good size for two children to play in or relax in together.

Mocka Kids Teepee

Mocka Kids Teepee

Mocka is another top teepee brand that has a large range of stylish kids teepees.

Some of the designs include a light pink, grey or blue whimsical spots designs, a cute little monsters design, a fun dinosaur design, an ever stylish monochrome black and white bold strips designs and more.

Mocka teepees are 165cms tall when assembled and have a floor space of either 100 x 110cms or 116 x 116cms depending on the design you choose. The door opening is approximately 70cms high.

The beautiful design of these Mocka teepees make them a beautiful feature in a room, but if you want to save on space this lightweight teepee is easy to fold away to move between rooms or to store when not in use.

These Mocka teepees for kids meet Australian / New Zealand Safety Standard ISO 8124.

All 4 Kids Teepees

All 4 Kids Teepees

All 4 Kids have a range of different teepee designs all made from a high quality cotton fabric.

They have a slightly larger size of 120 x 120 x 145cms but do check the dimensions of the specific teepee you choose if dimensions are an important choosing factor as the dimensions do vary with some of their designs.

All 4 Kids teepees are our pick of the best teepee for kids due to a mix of their slightly larger dimensions and especially due to the bonus matching cushioned floor mat they come with.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Kids Teepee

There are several factors to consider when buying a teepee tent for kids to choose the right one for them.


The size of the teepee you are wanting to buy is one of the most important factors to consider. First and foremost ensure it is the right size for the space where you are wanting to place it.

Also consider the way you are wanting your child to use it as this will affect which size is best for you. Are you wanting your child to relax in it alone with a book, or use it as a play space with friends? Are you planning on being in there with them to play occasionally too?


Most teepees are made from cotton or a cotton/polyester mix. The more expensive ones often use canvas which is more durable and lasting.

If you are planning on mainly using the teepee outdoors consider buying one made of waterproof material.

Design & Inclusions

Standard kids teepees have four poles creating a square base but some have five poles or even six.

Some of the more expensive teepees come with a padded base mat and cushions, some include a storage bag. The majority of kids teepees just include the basic structure enabling you to buy any accessories you want to achieve the look and comfort levels of your choice.


Another of the important considerations when choosing a kids teepee is its aesthetics and style. Does it match the interests of your child? Will it fit in with the rest of the room’s decor?

Luckily there are numerous styles to choose from including muted pale pinks, greys and naturals, bold strips, florals, whimsical animal and garden designs, dinosaurs, sea life, and many more.

Where To Buy A Children’s Teepee

I tend to buy all my bigger children’s toys online. Although a children’s teepee is fairly lightweight, it is long and awkward to carry and can be difficult to fit in your car, so I believe online really is the best place to buy a teepee for kids.

Buying online also means you don’t have to worry about driving to various stores, parking and risking the teepee design you’re wanting to buy being sold out once you arrive there.

Throughout this buying guide I have linked to the best online location for each of the teepees I’ve featured.

I hope this buying guide has helped you find the perfect kids teepee for your child.

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