Best Gifts For Horse Lovers Australia 2023

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Do you need inspiration for gifts about horses? This Best Gifts For Horse Lovers Australia 2023 gift guide is full of horse lover gift ideas for the horse fans in your life whether they be young or old, family, friends or work colleagues.

Gifts that are most loved by the recipients are those which reflect the passion of the individual receiving the gift. If your gift recipient has a passion for horses then gifting them horse gifts is going to be a winning gift.

All the horse related gifts suggested in this guide are affordable and practical gifts. They are perfect horse themed gifts Australia wide suitable for Christmas, birthdays or any other celebratory occasion.

If you are after an extra special horse related gift, one of the best Christmas gifts for horse lovers would be to choose a selection of gifts they’d love from this guide to make up your own special horse themed gift hamper for them.

Best Gifts For Horse Lovers Australia

Best Gifts For Horse Lovers Australia 2023 Comparison Chart

Browse our best horse gifts Australia suggestions quickly by using this comparison chart.

More detailed information about each of these recommended horse gifts for horse lovers is included further down this article.

See a large
selection of
stunning horse
themed cushions
& their prices HERE.
Throw Blankets
See a variety of
horse throws &
their prices HERE.
Quilt Covers
& Pillowcases
See a wide
of adults and
children’s horse
quilt covers
& their prices
Horse Print /
Horse Canvas
Horse Art WorkSee a variety of
horse art works
& horse prints
& their prices
Horse Lovers
Stocking Fillers

See the prices
of these
horse lover
stocking fillers &
more HERE.
Horse Books
For Kids
See a
Range of
Kids Horse
Books HERE
See Price
Soft Toy
See Prices
See a
range of
horse toys
& their prices
See a
range of
rocking horses
and their
current prices
See Price

See a selection of
horse puzzles for
kids & adults
& their current

prices HERE.
Horse Craft
Horse CraftSee a range
of available
horse craft kits
& their prices
Horse Jewelry
Horseshoe bracelet
Click HERE to
see horse jewelry
Horse Rides
& Activities
Various Horse

Ride Options
& Prices HERE

To make Christmas (or birthday) shopping easier for you, links are provided to the relevant online website for each featured gift so you can see the current price and buy it immediately if you wish.

Be warned, the best gifts for horse lovers tend to sell out fast, especially just before Christmas.

Horse Homewares

If your horse lover friend also loves home decor items then gifting them horse print home decor will be an ideal combination.

Horse Cushions

Horse themed cushions are a great Christmas gift for horse lovers enabling them to display their love for horses in the living room, bedroom or home office. There are many different horse cushion designs to choose from.

Click HERE now to see a large selection of horse themed cushions and their prices.

Horse Throw Blankets

Horse Throw Blanket

Horse throw blankets make great presents for horse lovers. A horse throw blanket is a wonderfully practical item for your horse lover to snuggle under to keep warm and cosy when it’s cool. It’s also a stunning decorative item for the home. Horse throws will enhance a room’s ambiance instantly. There is a huge range of majestic horse designs to choose from.

Click HERE now to check out a selection of horse throw blankets and their prices.

Horse Quilt Covers & Pillowcases

Horse Bedlinem

Gifting your horse lover friend or family member a stunning horse themed quilt cover and pillowcase set will lead them on many horse adventures in their dreams. Bedtime can’t come fast enough especially for young horse lovers with this stunning horse bed linen.

Click HERE now to see a wide selection of both adults and children’s horse quilt cover sets and their prices.

Horse Decor Australia

Horse Prints

Framed Horse Print

Horse prints are one of the best horse gift ideas for all age groups. Horse art work would be a stunning addition into the home of any horse lover enabling them to display their passion for horses on the walls of their home. There is a wonderful array of magnificent horse canvas and horse framed prints available to choose from.

Click HERE now to see a selection of majestic horse prints.

Horse Lover Stocking Fillers

Other horse lover gifts that would be perfect Christmas stocking fillers include socks for horsewomen, a horse themed drink bottle and soap for horsewomen. These are all great little horse lovers Christmas gift ideas.

Alternatively, instead of using these practical small gifts for horse lovers as stocking fillers you can use them to make a special horse lovers gift basket.

Horse Lovers Gift Basket

Equestrian Socks

Near Side equestrian socks are comfortable to wear with riding boots. These black or white horse riding socks have a reinforced heel and toe and smooth seam with a padded sole for that ‘walking on clouds’ feeling. This is a wonderful practical stocking filler present for horse lover ladies.

Click HERE now to see the current price of these Ride Proud equestrian socks.

Drink Bottle

A Ride Proud drink bottle is perfect for horse riders out on the trail or for horse lovers in the office. This double vacuum thermos, made from high grade, stainless steel will keep your gift recipient’s drink cold all day no matter where they are. You can choose the screw top lid or add a flip top lid to this bottle.

Click HERE now to see the current price of the Ride Proud drink bottle.

Soap For Horsewomen

Riding and caring for horses your hands do get dirty. This Ride Proud hand soap for horsewomen contains pumice to exfoliate and clean away dirt, grime and oil, as well as antibacterial and rejuvenating calendula petals.

It is handmade in Australia and has a beautiful scent of the Australian bush, making it a perfect unique Aussie gift to send overseas to horse loving family and friends.

Click HERE now to see the current price of this Ride Proud Hand Soap For Horsewomen.

Horse Books Australia

Horse Books For Kids

There are many amazing horse books for kids available on the market.

Click HERE to see an extensive range of kids horse books currently available and their prices.

Our favourite horse books for kids include:

Horse Books For Kids

DK Witness: Horse

An informative book about horses with loads of horse illustrations telling you everything you have ever wanted to know about horses such as: Why do horses flatten back their ears? and How were horses used in wartime?

Recommended for ages 9-12 years.

Horse Crazy! the Complete Adventures of Bonnie and Sam by Alison Lester

This book is all about friendships, horses and adventure in an Australian country town.

Recommended for ages 7-9 years.

For Horse Crazy Girls Only Everything You Want To Know About horses by Christina Wilsdon

This comprehensive book about horses is perfect for horse crazy girls, the ones with horse posters on their wall and horse models on their book shelves.

This book will educate your horse crazy girl about everything to do with horses, the different breeds of horses, how a horse’s body works and the quirky things about horses that make them the best animal ever!

Also included are ideas for horse themed parties and suggestions of the best horse movies to watch with your friends and lot more. Horse crazy girls will absolutely love this gift!

Recommended for ages 8-11 years.

Non Fiction Horse Books Suitable For Adults

Click HERE to see a range of non fiction horse books suitable for adults.

Leather Journal

Ride Proud A5 Pioneer Leather Journal

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique yet still practical gift for a horse lover, the A5 Ride Proud Pioneer Leather Journal might be exactly what you are looking for. In our opinion it is one of the best horse lovers Christmas gift ideas. Handmade from premium quality full thickness genuine leather, it is filled with handmade recycled lined cotton paper, meaning it’s not made from wood pulp. It also comes with its own dust bag.

This leather horse journal is perfect for tracking goals and dreams, or journaling rides and training. The leather and high quality pages feel so special and luxe.

Click HERE now to check out the current price of this A5 Ride Proud Leather Journal.

Gifts For Young Horse Lovers

Horse Soft Toys

Horse Soft Toy

Horse soft toys are so velvety and adorable. Horse toys will quickly become your young horse lovers’ best friend to cuddle and accompany them everywhere.

Click HERE now to see a range of horse soft toys and their prices.

Horse Toys

Horse Toys

Young horse lovers may not own a real horse but they can have the pleasure of receiving the gift of their own horse toys to play with whenever they want.

Click HERE now to see a comprehensive range of horse toys now.

Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

One of the most desirable gifts for any young horse lover, apart from a real horse, is a toy rocking horse. Your young horse lover will always enjoy going on rocking horse rides.

Click HERE to see a range of rocking horses and their current prices.

Horse Games

Horse Model

Horse Model

Horse lovers will enjoy building their own majestic horse model with this Ugears Mechanical Horse Model Kit.

Suitable for ages 14 years+ this model requires no glue or tools to put together. Made from natural sustainably sourced plywood, you simply pop out the 410 precisely laser cut pieces and fit them together.

Once assembled you can wind the horse up and watch him move. This model has been so impressively designed to mimic the true movements of a horse. Horse lovers will want to leave this model out on display for all to see. It’s a great conversation starter.

Click HERE now to see the current price of this horse model.

Horse Jigsaw Puzzles Australia

Horse Puzzles For Children and Adults

Fuzzy Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

Over the past few years there has been a resurgence in jigsaw puzzles. Horse loving children and adults will enjoy constructing horse jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are not only fun but also a great form of meditation almost and stress relief. There are horse jigsaw puzzles suitable for all ages from young children to adults.

Click HERE now to see a wide range of horse puzzles ranging from 24 to 1000 piece puzzles suitable for adults as well as children.

Horse Craft Kits

Horse Craft
Horse Themed Craft

Great creative horse gifts for girls include horse craft kits. Kids love doing craft and when it’s related to their favourite animal they’ll love it even more.

Click HERE now to see the available horse themed craft kits & their current prices.

Horse Jewelry

horse Necklace Horse Earrings
Horse Jewelry

Another much loved category of horse presents for girl Australia horse lovers is horse jewelry, including horse necklaces, horse bracelets and horse earrings.

Horse shoe jewelry is also very popular with horse lovers and are great horse gifts for adults as well as children.

Click HERE to see more horse themed jewelry.

Horse Rides

Horse Rides

The ultimate gift for any horse lover would surely be a horse ride. Book your horse lover friend or family member a horse experience they will remember and talk about for ages.

HERE are a couple of horse rides available in various parts of Australia and their prices. Check the local area near your horse lover for suitable horse ride experiences to gift them if the linked ones are not in their neighbourhood.

I hope this horse lover gift ideas buying guide has helped provide you with some horse themed Christmas gift giving inspiration and made your gift buying easier this year.

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Merry Christmas!

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