Best Gifts For Cat Lovers Australia 2023

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Are you looking for cat themed gifts Australia stocks to buy presents for cat lovers? Well you’ve come to the right place. This Best Gifts For Cat Lovers Australia 2023 Buying Guide is loaded with gift ideas for cat lovers, whether they be your family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours or teachers.

To help us curate this list of the best gifts for crazy cat lovers we conducted a survey among our cat loving friends as to what cat themed presents they would most love to receive. These are the fabulous recommendations they came up with. All these cat lover gifts Australia wide are reasonably priced, adorable, practical and useful.

A purr-fect idea would be to buy a selection of these cat lover gift suggestions to make up your own special cat themed gift hamper to give to your cat loving friend or family member.

Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

Best Gifts For Cat Lovers Australia 2023 Comparison Chart

Browse our cat themed gift recommendations of the best gifts for cat lovers in this comparison chart.

More detailed information about each of these recommended gifts for the cat lover is then included further below in the article.

Click on the links provided to take you to the relevant online website for that gift so you can see the current price and buy immediately if you wish, as the best unique gifts for cat lovers tend to sell out fast especially just before Christmas.

Cat MugsSee prices
HERE for a
wide variety
of cat mugs
Funny Celebrity
Cats Mug
See Price
Paws For Tea
Cat Pack
See Price
Cat PlantersClick HERE now
to see numerous
different styles
of cat planters
& their prices
Cat BooksSee a huge
selection of cat
books & their
prices HERE
Ring Holder
See Price
Cat JewellerySee a variety
of cat themed
jewellery &
their prices HERE
Cat SocksSee Price
Exploding Kittens
Card Game
See Price
Cat Chaos
Card Game
See Price
Cat PuzzlesSee a wide
variety of cat
puzzles & their
prices HERE
Cat Crimes
Logic Game
See Price
Quilt Covers
See a selection
of cat themed
quilt covers
& their prices

Cat Mugs Australia

Cat mugs are a practical gift to receive that can be enjoyed all year round. Everyone always appreciates an extra mug to use either at home or at work, especially one that reflects their loves and interests like a cat mug.

A stylish cat mug can also be repurposed by the gift recipient as a pen holder (perfect for teachers), makeup brush holder or toothbrush holder.

Best Cat Mugs

Cat mugs are great Christmas gifts for cat lovers, the only difficulty is choosing the best cat mugs to give.

Here are some of our favourite cat mugs.

Click HERE to see the currently available cat mugs and their prices.

Funny Celebrity Cat Mug

Funny Celebrity Cat Mug

Another of our favourite cat mugs is this funny Celebrity Cat Mug. Your gift recipient will start each day off with a giggle as they sip their coffee or tea with this ultimate blend of cats and puns. Featured are Katy Purry, Karate Cat, David Meowie, Luke SkyWhisker and more.

Click HERE now to check out the current price of this funny Celebrity Cat Mug.

T2 Paws For Tea – Cat Mug Pack

T2 Paws For Tea Cat Pack

Cat lovers will absolutely love this T2 Paws For Tea Cat Pack containing a cat adorned mug with infuser plus French Earl Grey and Gorgeous Geisha teas to create purrfect tea moments.

This gift will enable your cat lover friend to ‘paws’ and relax at this hectic time of year while enjoying a soothing mug of tea.

Click HERE now to check out the current price of the T2 Paws For Tea Cat Pack.

Cat Plant Pot Australia

Cat Planters

Cat Planter

If your cat lover friend also has a green thumb they will love a cat planter for their pot plants. Cat planter pots are a practical cat home decor gift cat lovers will love.

Cat pots can be used to hold a small plant on a window sill or could even be repurposed to hold hairbrushes or other beauty tools in the bathroom or cooking utensils in the kitchen.

Click HERE now to see several different adorable cat planters.

Cat Books

There are many cat books that would delight any cat lover whether they be a child or an adult.

Some of the best cat lover books include the following:

Catfulness – A Cat’s Guide To Achieving Mindfulness

Catfulness – A Cat’s Guide To Achieving Mindfulness

There is a lot that us mere humans can learn from cats. This international best selling hardcover book is cleverly written from the perspective of a cat, explaining the art of mindfulness and meditation using cats as an analogy.

This book will teach it’s lucky recipient how to simplify life, and draw satisfaction from living within the moment. It’s a unique, yet incredibly practical and entertaining approach to a truly life-changing form of meditation!

Click HERE to check out the current price of Catfulness.

Slinki Malinki’s Cat Tales by Lynley Dodd

Slinki Malinki’s Cat Tales by Lynley Dodd

This 5 story set is perfect for children and cat lovers alike featuring the sneaky rapscallion, Slinky Malinki and Scarface Claw, the toughest tom in town. My kids love these books and I love reading these books to them.

Click HERE to check out the current price of Slinki Malinki’s Cat Tales.

Cat Yoga by Sam Hart

Cat Yoga by Sam Hart

Cats are always getting into all sorts of odd positions as they stretch and play, just like yoga.

Your cat lover friend will love this book with its hilarious full-colour cartoons partnered with witty captions taking a tongue-in-cheek look at yoga, through the eyes of our feline friends.

Being about cats and yoga what’s not to like about this book?

Click HERE to check out the current price of Cat Yoga.

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

This best selling book is a true story of how one man and his cat found hope on the streets together. It’s an absolutely heart warming and uplifting story of friendship that every cat lover will appreciate and be moved by.

Click HERE now to check out the current price of A Street Cat Named Bob.

Click HERE to see more wonderful cat books.

Cat Gifts For Her

Silver Cat Ring Holder

Silver Cat Ring Holder

This silver cat ring holder not only looks stunning with it’s high silver plated finish but it’s also very practical making it one of the best cat lover gifts for her.

It can be kept in the kitchen for when the rings come off to wash the dishes, or in the bathroom for when the rings come off during showering or in the bedroom on the dressing table so the rings are always handy when getting dressed and ready in the morning. 

This is a stylish present for a cat lover!

Click HERE now to check out the current price of this silver cat ring holder.

Cat Jewellery

Cat Earrings
Cat earrings

Gift your cat lover friend exquisite cat themed jewellery, either a cat necklace, cat ring, cat bracelet or cat earrings. These cute cat earrings are a stylish way for cat lovers to express their love of cats in a subtle and beautiful way.

Click HERE now to check out a range of cat jewellery and their prices.

Cat Socks

Cat Socks

Soft and warm like cats and attitude-laden just like cats these comfy socks are perfect for keeping your cat lover friend’s feet warm while simultaneously displaying their love of cats.

Click HERE to check out the current price of these cat socks.

Cat Themed Games

Exploding Kittens Game

Exploding Kittens Game.

The Exploding Kittens Card Game is a super fun and popular cat card game. Although strategic in nature it is kid-friendly and super easy to play. It only takes 2 minutes to learn and 15 minutes to play. Suitable for ages 7 years+.

This would be a fun Christmas present for a cat lover providing great Christmas holiday entertainment.

Crazy cat ladies will love all the references in the game to things that cats love like laser pointers, belly rubs, catnip sandwiches and other kitten-friendly things. Just look out for the exploding kitten!

Click HERE now to check out the price of the Exploding Kittens Card Game.

Cat Chaos Card Game

Crazy Cat Chaos Card Game

Everyone loves a laugh and this pun heavy cat card game will definitely give you some good chuckles.

Collect and swap cards to reach cat-matching success. Meet Pawdrey Hepburn, David Meowie and many more amusing cats throughout the game.

This is a paw-some gift for the cat lover!

Click HERE now to see the price of this Cat Chaos Card Game

Cat Crimes Logic Game

Cat Crimes Logic Game

If your crazy cat gift recipient enjoys solving mysteries they will love the Cat Crimes logic game.

This fun, cat themed board game is ideal for one player who needs to use clues such as paw prints, toy placement and other cute clues to work out exactly where each cat was sitting at the time of the crime. There are 40 crimes to solve with solutions provided.

Click HERE now to check out the current price of this Cat Crime logic game.

Cat Puzzles

Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

The world has rediscovered its love for jigsaw puzzles in the past year and one of the best cat themed gifts for a cat lover who also loves puzzles is a cat themed puzzle.

There is a wide variety of cat jigsaws available ranging from easy 49 piece puzzles to more difficult, 1000 piece puzzles that would suit adults.

Cat lovers will delight in receiving cat puzzles featuring their own breed of cat on them.

Click HERE now to see a wide variety of cat puzzles and their prices.

A felt roll-up puzzle mat would be a perfect addition to this gift.

299 Cats And A Dog Cluster Puzzle

299 Cats And A Dog Cluster Puzzle

This is the best cat puzzle I’ve ever seen! It is so unique and cat lovers will love it, both children and adults.

Every piece is shaped like a cat, apart from the one dog shaped piece, and all the pieces fit together in a cluster. It is such a clever design. This will provide your lucky cat lover gift recipient with hours of puzzling fun.

Click HERE now to see the price of this cat cluster puzzle.

Cat Quilt Covers

Cat Themed Quilt Cover

Decorating your bed with a cat quilt cover is a fun way to display your love of cats. Your cat lover friend or family member will love sleeping under a cat print quilt cover, especially if it includes their favourite breed of cat, or their own pet cat’s breed on it.

There are many cat themed quilt covers available. Choose the one that best suits your cat lover gift recipient.

I hope this cat lovers gifts Australia buying guide has helped provide you with some cat themed Christmas gift giving inspiration and made your gift buying easier this year.

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