Ultimate Guide To The Best Dog Christmas Outfits Australia 2023

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Dog Christmas outfits are a fun way to include your favourite four legged friends in Christmas festivities. There is nothing cuter than seeing your dog dressed up on Christmas Day in an adorable doggie Christmas outfit. And your Christmas photos will look absolutely amazing. A lot of dog owners love getting professional family photos with their dog and Santa especially when their dog is wearing a super cute Christmas outfit.

The best dog Christmas costumes can be tricky to find however if you don’t know where to look but don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you, detailing all the best dog Xmas costumes Australia wide as well as factors to consider when choosing the best dog Christmas outfit Australia for your pup.

Whether you are wanting a dog Santa costume, a dog elf costume, a dog reindeer costume, a personalised dog Christmas bandana or other cute dog Christmas outfits we’ve covered it all.

In our family we pop a red collar on our dog for the month of December instead of his regular collar for a touch of festive cheer. When we go out to see the Santa lights or visit friends we add a personalised Christmas bandana over the collar and on Christmas Day and at Christmas parties we dress him up in a dog Christmas outfit. Our dog is very much a part of our Christmas festivities. We even buy him a dog advent calendar!

Last year I included a dog Santa outfit in my kids’ Christmas Eve Box for our 6 month old puppy and you should have heard the squeals of delight when my kids saw the puppy Santa costume! Needless to say we had the cutest Christmas photos ever with the kids in their matching Christmas PJs and the puppy in his doggie Santa costume. Christmas dog fashion is so festive and fun, and matching dog and owner outfits Australia wide are the best!

Dog Xmas outfits are also a wonderful unique gift that dog lovers would be thrilled to receive.

Keep reading to discover the best dog Christmas outfits Australia wide for your beloved dog.

Best Dog Christmas Outfits Australia

Dog Christmas Outfits Australia 2023 Chart

Browse our wide selection of dog Christmas costume ideas in this comparison chart.

For your convenience, links have been provided to the relevant online websites for each category of dog Christmas outfit so you can see the current prices of these Christmas clothes for dogs Australia wide and buy immediately if you wish.

Be warned that pet Christmas costumes Australia wide, especially in the most popular dog sizes, sell out fast in the lead up to Christmas. I always buy my dog’s Christmas outfits early to avoid missing out.

Dog Santa

See a variety
of dog Santa
costumes &
their prices
Dog Elf

See a selection
of dog elf
costumes &
their prices
Dog Reindeer

See numerous
fun dog
reindeer outfits
& their prices
See a selection
of dog snowman
outfits & their
prices HERE.
Dog Christmas
See a wide
selection of
personalised dog
Christmas bandanas
& their prices
Red Dog
See Price

Best Dog Christmas Costumes Australia

Dog Santa Costume

Dog Santa Costumes

Red Santa suits with their white fur trim date back to the 1880’s but dog Santa suits are a much more recent development.

No list of Christmas dog costumes Australia would be complete without a cute dog Santa Claus costume. A large dog Santa outfit is always popular and sell out fast each year. This is one of the most popular Christmas costumes for dogs.

Elf Dog Costume

Elf Dog Costumes

How adorable are dog elf costumes in their festive green and red colours.

A dog elf outfit is especially perfect to match the personality of mischievous little dogs, such as cavoodles, who are just like the real life version of Elf On The Shelf, always mischievous and always moving and hiding items, especially socks! Elf costumes are very popular puppy Christmas outfits.

If you don’t think your mischievous puppy will wear the entire dog Christmas elf costume, a dog elf hat is a good puppy elf costume option.

Dog Reindeer Costume

Dog Reindeer Costumes

Your puppy will be ready to help pull Santa’s sleigh in these cute reindeer dog outfits. Reindeer costumes are another popular choice of Christmas outfits for dogs.

Dog reindeer outfits vary from simple dog antler costumes to jumper and hoodie style reindeer dog outfits. Choose the reindeer dog Xmas outfit that best suits your dog and climate.

Snowman Costume For Dogs

Another adorable festive costume for dogs is a snowman costume. You probably do need to be indoors with air conditioning to dress your dog in a full on fluffy white dog snowman costume in Australia. If your Christmas party is outdoors a snowman bandana may be a more suitable option.

Personalised Dog Christmas Bandanas

Personalised Dog Christmas Bandanas

A dog Christmas bandana looks festive and is an easy solution for dressing up dogs for Christmas that don’t like wearing dog Christmas clothes.

Personalising your dog’s Christmas bandana makes it that much more special!

There are a wide range of personalised cute Christmas dog bandanas available. You can customise the colour of these bandanas to match your Christmas decor, whether that be pink, purple, black, blue, or various other colours, as well as adding your dog’s name on them. These Christmas bandanas come in both a small and large size to suit any dog.

The best dog bandanas are ones that slip easily over the dog’s collar like these ones rather than ones that tie around a dog’s neck.

Red Dog Collar

Red Dog Collar

If you are just wanting to add a touch of festive cheer to your dog every day in December then a red dog collar is a great option. This is a super simple dog Christmas collar that you can use all year round.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Christmas Costumes For Dogs


Buying the right size of pet Christmas costume is very important. If the costume doesn’t fit well your dog won’t want to wear it. If it’s too big and baggy it will get in the dog’s way, your dog will get frustrated and likely chew at it and try to remove it.

If it’s too tight your dog won’t be able to move freely and once again won’t want to wear it.

The two most important measurements to check are your dog’s length and their chest circumference in relation to the clothing.

Most dog Christmas outfits come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra large. Check the measurements of the outfit compared to the measurements of your dog before you buy to ensure it will fit well and your dog will be able to move freely while wearing it.


Christmas occurs in the middle of Summer in Australia. If you live in the hotter regions of Australia like Far North Queensland or the Northern Territory you won’t be wanting to buy a dog Christmas sweater unless you will be inside in air conditioning the whole day. A personalised Christmas bandana or dog Christmas hat costume may be a better choice.


Ensure the Christmas dog outfits you choose are free from choking hazards and always supervise your dog at all times when they are wearing a costume.


Practice wearing the costume. Dogs need time to get used to new things like wearing dog Christmas clothes. Practice wearing the outfit prior to Christmas so your dog will be comfortable on Christmas Day in their costume.

I hope above helps you find the best Christmas dog outfit Australia wide for your pup.

Merry Christmas to you, your family and your dog!

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