Best Dinosaur Toys & Dinosaur Gifts Australia 2023

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All kids seem to go through a stage of being absolutely fascinated by dinosaurs. When you know the child on your Christmas gift list is a dinosaur fan then dinosaur toys and dinosaur gifts are the best Christmas gifts to give them.

Whether you are searching for the best dinosaur LEGO, dinosaur figurines, dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur quilt covers, dinosaur clothing or some other dinosaur themed gift we’ve got it covered. We’ve tracked down all the best dinosaur gifts and the best dinosaur toys Australia wide to make your Christmas gift buying easier than ever this year. Dinosaur gifts are not just for children. We’ve also included some unique dinosaur gifts for adults Australia wide.

If you are wanting to give an extra special dinosaur related gift, one of the best Christmas gifts for dinosaur fans is to choose a selection of gifts they’d love from this best dinosaurs toys Australia guide to make up a special dinosaur themed gift hamper which they will be thrilled to receive. They’ll think it’s absolutely ROAR-some!

Best Dinosaur Toys & Best Dinosaur Gifts Australia

Best Dinosaur Toys & Dinosaur Gifts Australia 2023 Chart

Browse our dinosaur themed gift recommendations of the best gifts for dinosaur lovers in this comparison chart.

More detailed information about each of these recommended gifts for dinosaur fans is then included further below.

Links have been provided for your convenience to relevant online websites of each of these best dinosaur toys and gifts to enable you to see the current price of each dinosaur gift suggestion and to buy it immediately if you wish, as the best dinosaur presents tend to sell out fast, especially just before Christmas.

Dinosaur LEGOSee a variety of
dinosaur LEGO
& their prices
See a wide
range of realistic
looking dinosaur
figurines &
their prices
See a huge
range of
dinosaur books
& their prices
See numerous
dinosaur puzzles
suitable for
all age groups
& their
prices HERE.
Ride On
See a variety
of fun ride on
dinosaur toys
Quilt Covers
& Pillowcases
See a

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quilt covers &
pillowcases &
their prices
teepee price
See a huge
range of kids,

toddlers & babies
dinosaur clothing
& their prices
dinosaur slipper
price HERE.
dinosaur crayon
prices HERE.
Pool Toys
See dinosaur
pool toys
& their prices
See dinosaur
craft kits & their
prices HERE.
Dinosaur Gifts
See a wide
variety of other
dinosaur gifts
Wooden Dinosaur
Toys Australia
wooden Dinosaur Toys AustraliaSee a selection
of wooden
dinosaur toys
Australia wide

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Dinosaur Gifts


Consider the age of your dinosaur loving gift recipient. Toddlers, school aged kids and teenagers will all love different types of dinosaur gifts and dinosaur toys for Christmas. Teenagers will prefer more high tech, interactive and physically accurate collectible dinosaur type of gifts, these are also the best dinosaur gifts for adults Australia wide. School aged kids will love dinosaur LEGO kits and model kits. All ages will love dinosaur books appropriate to their age and dinosaur figures.

Choose open ended dinosaur toys for younger gift recipients that will stimulate their imagination and creativity and provide hours of fun.

For toddlers consider their developmental milestones and choose toys appropriate for their newly learned skills.


Ensure your dinosaur toy choices for three year olds and younger do not contain any small parts that could be potential choking hazards.


Think about the personality of your gift recipient and choose a dinosaur gift for them accordingly.

Does your gift recipient like reading? Do they enjoy LEGO? Do they crave more knowledge about dinosaurs?

Christmas gifts that combine a secondary interest with their love of dinosaurs will be a popular and memorable gift.

Dinosaur LEGO Australia

Dinosaur LEGO & Dinosaur Duplo

Dinosaur fans will love the thrill of bringing their Jurassic world creations to life piece by piece with these dinosaur themed LEGO and DUPLO sets.

Not only are LEGO dinosaur sets fun to build, they can then be used for hours of pretend play or as a display of the gift recipient’s love for dinosaurs. LEGO make great dinosaur themed gifts for adults as well as children.

There is a DUPLO or LEGO dinosaur set suitable for any age group.

Dinosaur Figurines Australia

Dinosaur Figurines

Some of the best toys for dinosaur lovers are dinosaur figurines.

If your gift recipient knows the differences between segasaurauses, ankylosauruses, tyrannosaurus rexes and more they will love receiving accurate figurines of the different types of dinosaurs.

These figurines are perfect for pretend play, collections and displays. Every age group of dinosaur fan will love these.

Dinosaur Books Australia

Dinosaur Books

There are literally thousands of amazing children’s dinosaur books and adults’ dinosaur books to choose from ranging from dinosaur board books for toddlers to dinosaur early readers for school aged readers to dinosaur chapter books and dinosaur encyclopedias.

Dinosaur Puzzles Australia

Dinosaur Puzzles

Whether you are looking for a chunky wooden dinosaur puzzle suitable for toddlers or a 1000 piece dinosaur puzzle suitable for adults or anything in between there is a dinosaur puzzle available on the market suitable for your intended gift recipient.

Ride On Dinosaur Australia

Ride On Dinosaur Australia

Kids love ride on toys and one of the best dinosaur themed presents for young kids is a ride on dinosaur Australia wide. How cute are these dinosaur ride on toys?!

Dinosaur Quilt Covers & Dinosaur Pillowcases Australia

Dinosaur Quilt Covers & Pillowcases

Bring some fun and excitement to a dinosaur fan’s bedroom by gifting them a dinosaur quilt cover and dinosaur pillowcase. What dinosaur fan wouldn’t love to have dinosaur decor bedlinen to sleep on. Exciting dinosaur adventure dreams are sure to follow.

Dinosaur Teepee Australia

Dinosaur Teepee

Kids love to pretend they have their own house and this stunning dinosaur teepee is the perfect setting for your little one to play with their dinosaurs, read their dinosaur books and dream up all sorts of dinosaur pretend play. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this dinosaur gift will keep dinosaur fans busy throughout the Christmas holidays and beyond.

Dinosaur Clothing Australia

Dinosaur Clothing

There are so many cute dinosaur clothing items available including dinosaur t shirts, dinosaur rompers, dinosaur shorts and dinosaur hats. Dinosaur clothing is a practical gift that will be well loved by little dinosaur fans and their parents. Getting them dressed in the morning will never be a problem again!

Dinosaur Slippers Australia

Dinosaur Slippers

Emu Australia mid calf dinosaur slippers are not only cosy and warm but also super cute and fun for a dinosaur lover to wear with their teeth, horns and spikes. Crafted from natural suede and lined with Australian Merino wool they are made for comfort and longevity.

Dinosaur Crayons Australia

Dinosaur Crayons

Dinosaur beeswax crayons are non toxic and perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and create their own dinosaur world drawings with. These dinosaur crayon sets are both beautifully boxed and ready to gift to that special little person on your Christmas list.

Dinosaur Pool Toys Australia

Dinosaur Pool Toys

Christmas is in the middle of summer in Australia and what better Christmas gift to give a dinosaur lover than dinosaur pool toys, whether this be a dinosaur float to ride around on in the pool or an inflatable dinosaur play centre to splash around in.

Dinosaur Kits Australia

Dinosaur Kits

Dinosaur kits are a fabulous gift for dinosaur fans to get creative and build their own dinosaur models. It’s a perfect Christmas holiday activity for budding palentologists.

Other Dinosaur Gifts Australia

Dinosaur Gifts

There are numerous other dinosaur related gifts on the market too including dinosaur wall decals, dinosaur umbrellas, dinosaur cutlery, dinosaur drink bottles and dinosaur night lights, as well as numerous dinosaur toys. We even found a dinosaur scooter with an attached suitcase – perfect for dinosaur fan holiday travelling.

Click on the link below to look through and find the best dinosaur present for your lucky gift recipient.

Wooden Dinosaur Toys Australia

Wooden Dinosaur Toys Australia

Some parents prefer their children to play with wooden toys as they are more environmentally friendly than plastic toys. In this case there are some amazing wooden dinosaur toys Australia wide you can choose from.

I hope this dinosaur toys and dinosaur gifts guide has helped provide you with some dinosaur themed Christmas gift giving inspiration to make your gift buying easier than ever this year. There is so much cool dinosaur stuff currently available to choose from.

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Wishing You All A Merry Christmas!

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