Where To See The Best Christmas Lights On The Northern Beaches, Sydney 2022

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Northern Beaches Christmas lights displays are among the best in Sydney. Visiting local Christmas lights is a fabulous free festive activity that both children and adults love. To help you plan your Xmas Lights Northern Beaches visits we’ve compiled a list of where to see the best Christmas lights on the Northern Beaches 2022. We’ve also created an interactive map of the best Christmas Lights Northern Beaches to help you navigate around to see them all.

All the locations in the list and on the interactive map have been confirmed and sighted by the Christmas Time Made Easy team in 2022. As we sight and confirm more Christmas lights locations on the Northern Beaches we will be adding these to our map throughout December.

To help you easily get to the Christmas lights locations you can click the map from your phone to get directions from wherever you may be. Interactive maps these day are so clever!

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE NOW as we will be regularly updating this article and the interactive map with more of the best Northern Beaches Xmas lights locations throughout December.

If we have missed listing your Northern Beaches Christmas Lights display and you feel your house should be added to our article and map please email us at christmastimemadeeasy@gmail.com with your address and a photo or two of your Christmas lights display.

Best Christmas Lights Northern Beaches, Sydney

Where Are The Best Northern Beaches Christmas Lights?

2022 Confirmed Lights List (NOTE: This list of Northern Beaches Christmas lights have all been sighted and confirmed by the Christmas Time Made Easy team in 2022).

This list is alphabetically ordered by suburb. While we consider all the locations listed worthy of viewing, if you have limited time we have placed one to three ⭐ next to our picks of the best Northern Beaches Christmas light locations in this list, three stars being the absolute best of the best. These are the ones we highly recommend you drive to, then get out of the car and have a wander around.

Balgowlah Christmas Lights 2022

  • Balgowlah – 28 to 60 Seaview St ⭐⭐⭐
  • Balgowlah – 73 Boyle St
  • Balgowlah – 92 Wanganella St
  • North Balgowlah – 16 Myrtle St
  • North Balgowlah – 8 Waimea St
  • North Balgowlah – 14 Eurella Ave

Beacon Hill Christmas Lights 2022

  • Beacon Hill – 1 Biralee Cres ⭐
  • Beacon Hill – 5, 9, 11,14,16 Beacon Ave

Belrose Christmas Lights 2022

  • Belrose – 36 Childs Circuit ⭐⭐
  • Belrose – 1 Wanaka Place

Collaroy Christmas Lights 2022

  • Collaroy – 1059 Pittwater Rd
  • Collaroy Plateau – 20 Parkes Rd

Cromer Christmas Lights 2022

  • Cromer – 20 Meehan Rd ⭐
  • Cromer – 18 Meehan Rd
  • Cromer – 60 Little Willandra Rd
  • Cromer – 41a Little Willandra Rd
  • Cromer – 84 Carawa Place
  • Cromer – 85 Carawa Place
  • Cromer – 11 Ryrie Rd

Davidson Christmas Lights 2022

  • Davidson – Borgnis St ⭐⭐⭐
  • Davidson – 67 Kambora Ave ⭐⭐⭐
  • Davidson – 35 Kambora Ave – ⭐⭐

Elanora Heights Christmas Lights 2022

  • Elanora Heights – 112 Elanora Rd ⭐
  • Elanora Heights – 116 Elanora Rd ⭐
  • Elanora Heights – 71 Elanora Rd
  • Elanora Heights – 5 Allington Cres
  • Elanora Heights – 6 Allington Cres
  • Elanora Heights – 34a Iluka Ave
  • Elanora Heights – 49 Iluka Ave
  • Elanora Heights – 14 Merridong Rd
  • Elanora Heights – 28 Merridong Rd
  • Elanora Heights – 210 Woorarra Ave
  • Elanora Heights – 182 Woorarra Ave
  • Elanora Heights – 5 St Andrews Gate
  • Elanora Heights – 44 Lumeah Ave

Fairlight Christmas Lights 2022

  • Fairlight – Edwin St ⭐⭐⭐
  • Fairlight – 84 Griffiths St

Forestville Christmas Lights 2022

  • Forestville – 35 Darley St
  • Forestville – 38 Darley St ⭐
  • Forestville – 21 Willunga Cres
  • Forestville – 23 Willunga Cres

Frenchs Forest Christmas Lights 2022

  • Frenchs Forest – 13 The Esplanade ⭐
  • Frenchs Forest – 13 Epping Drive
  • Frenchs Forest – 82, 84, 86 Peacock Parade
  • Frenchs Forest – Donelly Place

Freshwater Christmas Lights 2022

  • Freshwater – Coles Rd

Ingleside Christmas Lights 2022

  • Ingleside – 2 Ingleside Rd ⭐⭐⭐

North Narrabeen Christmas Lights 2022

  • North Narrabeen – Gondola Rd ⭐⭐

North Manly Christmas Lights 2022

  • North Manly – 47 Corrie St

Seaforth Christmas Lights 2022

  • Seaforth – 32 Judith St ⭐
  • Seaforth – 14 Judith St

Terrey Hills Christmas Lights 2022

  • Terrey Hills – 14, 10 & 17 Jamberoo Ave
  • Terrey Hills- Carramar Grove
  • Terrey Hills – 11 Currong Circuit

Warriewood Christmas Lights 2022

  • Warriewood – Almeda Way
  • Warriewood – 19 Valley View Circuit
  • Warriewood – 21 Valley View Circuit

Location Map of The Best Christmas Lights, Northern Beaches

10 Best Christmas Lights Northern Beaches 2022

Borgnis Street Christmas Lights 2022

The Borgnis Street Christmas lights in the leafy Northern Beaches suburb of Davidson are the best Christmas lights display on the Northern Beaches and possibly even the best Christmas lights Sydney wide.

Almost all the residents of Borgnis Street get involved and decorate their homes with festive Christmas lights and Christmas inflatables. Even the Rural Fire Station at the base of Borgnis Street gets involved and decks out their station with lights and has their fire trucks open for kids to explore. The Rural Fire Station also often has a BBQ going for you to buy your dinner there.

Borgnis St Christmas Lights – Davidson Rural Fire Station

The Borgnis St Davidson Christmas lights display brings so much joy to the thousands of visitors from all over Sydney that flock to this street. Together with the assistance of Rotary, the Borgnis St residents raise money for Bear Cottage in Manly. There are various collection buckets placed along the way so make sure you take money with you to donate to this worthy children’s charity. Last year they raised over $35,000 for this charity.

You can view the Borgnis Street Davidson Christmas lights displays from the comfort of your car as you drive past them but you will see so much more if you walk instead.

See more Borgnis Street Christmas Lights info HERE.

28 – 60 Seaview St, Balgowlah Christmas Lights

Seaview Street in Balgowlah is an absolute Christmas wonderland of lights with numerous houses all spectacularly lit up. This is definitely a street to drive to and then get out of the car to walk around to experience the magic of the lights. It is one of the best streets for Christmas lights Sydney wide.

My favourite house in this stretch is 28 Seaview Street (pictured below) which is absolutely covered in stylish golden lights. They have not only decorated their house with lights but they have also created a series of golden light archways along the foot path outside their property and beautifully decorated the huge tree outside their property. This is one of my most favourite Northern Beaches Christmas light displays.

2 Ingleside Rd, Ingleside

The Christmas lights at 2 Ingleside Rd are arguably the best Christmas lights on the Northern Beaches. This huge display of Christmas lights put up by Good Day Electrical and Solar has it all including a spectacular walk through tunnel of lights, Christmas inflatables, a nativity scene, loads of overhead lights, a huge Christmas tree made of lights and much more. Even all the work vehicles parked on the site are decorated with lights.

This is a Christmas display where you should definitely get out of the car at to walk through the tunnel of light and explore all the other decorations as well. Bring some money with you when visit or scan the QR code at the entrance to donate and help raise money for the worthy Lights For Children charity supporting Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundations.

Gondola Rd, North Narrabeen

The Gondola Rd Christmas lights at North Narrabeen are also among the best Christmas lights on the Northern Beaches and definitely worth a visit. There are numerous decorated houses along this level road with stunning Christmas lights so it’s perfect for parking your car and then wandering along the road to see the Gondola Christmas lights in detail. The standout houses along this road include 46, 48, 50, 52 and 54 Gondola Rd but there are many additional houses lit up as well.

Edwin Street Fairlight Christmas Lights

The majority of houses along Edwin St have delightful Christmas light displays on again this year and are well worth a visit and a wander along the street.

36 Childs Circuit, Belrose

This Christmas lights Belrose display at 36 Childs Circuit is totally next level!

The entire front yard is lit up by thousands of lights that are all synchronised to accompanying music. Make sure you tune your car radio to 99.5FM to experience the full effect of this amazing Christmas lights show.

Show your appreciation by leaving a donation in the front yard wishing well that collects money for the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

36 Childs Circuit, Belrose Christmas Lights

67 Kambora Ave, Davidson

Colourful Christmas lights galore adorn every part of the house and yard at 67 Kambora Ave Davidson. This Christmas lights display will definitely get you into a jolly festive spirit and is near the Borgnis Christmas lights. All donations collected at this location go to Pankind for Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

20 Meehan Rd, Cromer

The 20 Meehan Rd, Cromer Christmas light display is wonderfully unique. The garage door area has been converted into a huge advent calendar with a snow covered Christmas village scene in the centre. Definitely get out of the car to view this Christmas village up close to fully appreciate it. There are also a couple of Christmas inflatables at this location.

14,10 &17 Jamberoo Ave, Terrey Hills

14, 10 and 17 Jamberoo Ave in Terrey Hills are adorned with colourful Christmas lights with special mention to the standout 14 Jamberoo Ave home which has Christmas lights along their front patio and roof, as well as numerous Christmas light Christmas trees on their front lawn.

When Are The Northern Beaches Christmas Lights On?

The Northern Beaches Christmas lights usually start being turned on nightly on the first weekend in December, namely Saturday 3 December 2022.

The light displays generally turn on at dusk until approximately 11pm, however this can vary from house to house. Some locations switch off at 10.30pm. The Christmas light displays look best when it is completely dark, usually from about 8pm onwards.

Should I Drive or Walk To See Christmas Light Displays?

Streets with Christmas light displays can get extremely congested. The closer to Christmas it gets the busier these streets become. We recommend the safest option is to park your car in a nearby side street and walk from there. Walking allows you to fully soak up the festive atmosphere and also allows you to safely linger at your favourite displays. Always keep your young children close to you.

What Should I Take With Me When Visiting Christmas Lights Displays?

There are several essentials to take with you when visiting Northern Beaches Christmas Lights displays.

Make sure you are wearing comfortable walking shoes, take a lightweight jumper and don’t forget to take your phone to enable you to take loads of spectacular festive photos.

I recommend dressing young children in bright hi-vis outfits or having them wear glow stick necklaces or hats to help you to be able to constantly see them.

Also take some money with you to donate to the local charities the Christmas house displays are fundraising for. Some houses have charity donation buckets, some have QR codes for donations, while others sell Christmas or light up merchandise to help them fundraise.

Visiting Christmas light displays can make you hungry. Often you will find ice creams vans near Christmas light displays too. The Rural Fire Station in Borgnis St often has a BBQ going for you to buy a snack or dinner from.

Christmas Light Visiting Etiquette

A big thank you to all the amazing and generous Northern Beaches locals who spend so much time and money decorating their homes with Christmas lights, decorations and inflatables. You bring so much Christmas joy and magic to so many of us.

If you are visiting Christmas light displays please respect these locals and their properties. View the lights but don’t trespass into their properties. Also remember to bring some money along to help support their worthy chosen charities.

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Best Christmas Lights Northern Beaches, Sydney