Where To See The Best Christmas Lights On The North Shore, Sydney 2022

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Some of the best houses and best streets for Christmas lights Sydney wide are on Sydney’s North Shore. To help you plan your visits to see the best Christmas lights on the North Shore, Sydney 2022 we’ve compiled a list of where the best North Shore Christmas light displays are.

We’ve also made an interactive map of the best Christmas Lights North Shore to help you easily find them all.

All the locations in our list and on our interactive map have been sighted and confirmed by the Christmas Time Made Easy team in 2022. As we sight and confirm more Christmas lights displays on the North Shore we will be adding these to our map throughout December.

To help you easily find these Christmas lights locations you can click the map from your phone to get directions from wherever you may be. Interactive maps are the best!

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE NOW as we will be regularly updating this article and the interactive map with more of the best North Shore Xmas lights locations throughout December.

Where Are The Best Christmas Lights On The North Shore, Sydney 2022?

This is a confirmed list of North Shore Christmas lights for 2022. They have all been checked and sighted by the Christmas Time Made Easy team in 2022.

This list is alphabetically ordered by suburb. All the locations listed are worthy of viewing, however if you have limited time we have placed one to three ⭐ next to our picks of the best North Shore Christmas light displays in this list with three stars being the absolute best of the best. These are the ones we highly recommend you drive to, then get out of the car and have a wander around to fully appreciate their festive magic.

Berowra Christmas Lights 2022

  • Richards Close, Berowra ⭐⭐⭐
  • 90 The Gully Rd, Berowra

Hornsby Christmas Lights 2022

  • 2 Hall Rd, Hornsby
  • 4 Hall Rd, Hornsby ⭐
  • 6 Hall Rd. Hornsby
  • 24 Hall Rd, Hornsby
  • 8 Innes Ave, Hornsby
  • 17 Innes Ave, Hornsby
  • Hornsby Shire Council Chambers Christmas Tree – 296 Peats Ferry Rd, Hornsby

Hornsby Heights Christmas Lights 2022

  • Sydney Rd, Hornsby Heights ⭐⭐⭐
  • Raphael Drive, Hornsby Heights
  • 18 Ryan Ave, Hornsby Heights ⭐⭐⭐
  • Ulolo Ave, Hornsby Heights

Lane Cove Christmas Lights 2022

  • 3 Angus Ave, Lane Cove
  • 6 Angus Ave, Lane Cove
  • 8 Angus Ave, Lane Cove
  • 20 Angus Ave, Lane Cove
  • 25 Second Ave, Lane Cove
  • 78 Phoenix St, Lane Cove
  • 202 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove
  • 2 Joseph St, Lane Cove

Lindfield Christmas Lights 2022

  • 22 Bradfield Rd, Lindfield ⭐

St Ives Christmas Lights 2022

  • 5 Monterey St, St Ives
  • 6 Monterey St, St Ives

Willoughby Christmas Lights 2022

  • First Ave, Willoughby
  • Second Ave, Willoughby
  • Third Ave, Willoughby
  • Fourth Ave, Willoughby
  • Ann St, Willoughby

Interactive Location Map Of The Best Christmas Lights North Shore, Sydney

5 Best North Shore Christmas Lights Locations 2022

Sydney Rd, Hornsby

Sydney Rd, Hornsby is THE best Christmas lights street in Sydney. It is such a magical Christmas wonderland of colourful twinkling lights, amazing inflatables and much more. Over 40 houses in this street are all spectacularly lit up.

If you only have time to visit one Christmas lights location on the North Shore this year then Sydney Rd Hornsby is the must see street to visit.

Park your car at the top of Sydney Rd and then wander down, soaking up the fabulous festive vibes and viewing all the amazing lights and Christmas decorations as you go.

Richards Close, Berowra

The Christmas lights on the houses in Richards Close, Berowra are absolutely amazing with the majority of houses in this quiet cul-de-sac all participating. It is definitely worth driving here if you are on the hunt to see spectacular Christmas lights on the North Shore this year. I recommend parking the car and then getting out and walking so you can fully appreciate the festive magic of all these lights.

The standout house in this street is 18 Richards Close. It must be the most festively decorated house in all of Sydney. Every possible surface of this house is covered in colourful Christmas lights and there is a pathway you can walk along to view more 3D Christmas light sculptures and inflatables in the front yard. You could spend ages gazing and marvelling at all these lights and still find something new to look at that you haven’t yet noticed.

18 Richards Close, Berowra

The other standout house in Richards Close is number 25. This house has its lights synchronised to music. You can hear the music playing outside or if you stay in your car you can tune in on FM 89.3 MHz to experience the full effect of this amazing Christmas lights show.

There is also a beautiful set of lit up angel wings you can take a selfie in front of. The colour of the wings change at the touch of a button.

Show your appreciation of these lights by using the displayed QR code at the house to donate to Lights For Kids which supports the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.

25 Richards Close, Berowra

18 Ryan Ave, Hornsby Heights

18 Ryan Ave, Hornsby Heights

18 Ryan Ave, Hornsby Heights reportedly has over 15000 lights twinkling on it, needless to say I didn’t count these myself! It also has a huge 4m tall Christmas tree out the front and a laser show on the garage door.

Show your appreciation for this spectacular Christmas display by scanning the QR code onsite and donating to support The Shirley Cuff Colon Cancer Research Foundation. 100% of donations go directly support this important and ground breaking research.

22 Bradfield Rd, Lindfield

22 Bradfield Rd in Lindfield is another house on the North Shore that is definitely worth visiting.

This house has a beautiful display of Christmas lights on their front lawn that are synced to Christmas music that you can tune in and hear on 91.1 FM.

I also love how they have created a spectacular tunnel of Christmas lights over their carport.

When Do Christmas Lights Start On The North Shore?

Generally speaking the North Shore Christmas lights start on the first weekend in December.

They are usually on each night until Christmas from about 7.30pm until 11pm. They are best viewed when it is completely dark after 8pm.

Should We Drive Or Walk Past The North Shore Christmas Lights Displays?

All the Christmas lights displays on our list are worth seeing but the ones we have marked with 1, 2 or especially 3 stars are extra special. I highly recommend parking the car at these star locations and viewing these lights on foot.

Definitely park the car in a side street at the locations where there are numerous houses all spectacularly lit up in the one street such as Sydney Rd, Hornsby and Richards Close, Berowra. These streets have such an amazing festive vibe that is best experienced on foot. Being on foot also enables you to donate to the charities these houses are supporting and get better photos of the Christmas lights displays. Please be careful if you do drive in these streets as they get very congested with pedestrians who often wander onto the road.

Should We Take Anything With Us When Viewing The Christmas Lights On The North Shore?

Quite a few of the North Shore Christmas Lights houses collect money for charity. Show your appreciation for all the effort and expense they have gone to and the joy of Christmas they have brought to so many viewers with their light displays by taking your phone along to scan the QR code at their displays to donate money to their chosen charity. Donations over $2 are usually tax deductible.

Your phone will also be useful for snapping festive photos of your family and friends at the light displays.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring along a lightweight jumper as it can get a bit cold at night even in December.

If you have young children give them glow stick necklaces or light up Christmas hats to wear. The kids will love them and it will help you to see them better in the dark.

NOTE: If we have missed listing your North Shore Christmas Lights display and you would like your house added to our article and map please email us at christmastimemadeeasy@gmail.com with your address and a photo of your Christmas lights display so we can add you in.

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