Best Christmas Hampers Australia 2023 Buying Guide

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Delight your loved ones with the best Christmas hampers Australia 2023, or the best Christmas gift baskets Australia 2023, as they are also known. Christmas hampers have such an amazing wow factor and look so spectacular your friends and family will love receiving one.

Christmas hampers are a long standing traditional Christmas gift usually filled with delicious non perishable food items such as fruit cake, chocolate, nuts, biscuits, tea and coffee. Luxury Christmas hampers Australia wide may also include a bottle of wine or other alcohol. Nowadays there are also fresh Christmas hampers containing fruit.

In fact, there are so many different Xmas hampers Australia wide it can be difficult deciding which hamper to buy, whether to choose a traditional Christmas food hamper, a fruit hamper, a Christmas chocolate hamper, a Christmas chocolate bouquet or even an alcohol hamper such as a beer hamper or a gin hamper, or some other type of hamper.

To make your Christmas shopping that little bit easier and to help you choose the best Christmas hampers Sydney wide, and indeed Australia wide, to gift to your family and friends we’ve detailed the factors we think are important when deciding which Christmas hamper is best for your gift recipient.

We’ve also done the research and written this Best Christmas Hampers 2023 Australia Buying Guide with an easy reference comparison chart of the best online Christmas hampers Australia has available this year. For your convenience we’ve included links to the online sources where to buy these best Christmas hamper gifts from and where to check out each of their Christmas hamper contents list.

This is a long article so if you already know what type of gourmet Christmas hamper you are wanting to gift your family and friends click on that section in the list of contents to take you straight there.

Best Christmas Hampers Australia

Best Christmas Hampers Australia 2023 Comparison Chart

Browse this Best Christmas Hampers Australia comparison chart to see the best Australian Christmas hampers available this year. More detailed information is included further down this guide.


There are numerous
different Christmas
food hampers to suit
every gift recipient
& budget.

Macarthurs Basket
has the largest range
of Christmas hampers
including the
best value
Christmas hampers
Australia wide.

Gourmet Basket
& Gifts Australia
also have amazing
Christmas Food
See Full Range
of Gourmet Basket
Christmas Hampers
& Prices HERE

See Full Range
of Gifts Australia
Christmas Hampers
& Prices HERE

See Full Range
of Macarthurs Basket
Christmas Hampers
& Prices HERE

See Full Range
of The Hamper

Collective Australia
Christmas Hampers
& Prices HERE

Macarthur Baskets
has a large
range of chocolate
bouquets for every
occasion not just

Gourmet Baskets
has delicious traditional
chocolate hampers.

See Full Range
of Gourmet Baskets
Chocolate Hampers
& Prices HERE.

See Full Range
of Macarthur Baskets
Chocolate Bouquets
& Prices HERE
Fruit Hampers

Various fruit boxes
either containing
only fruit, or added
chocolate or wine
or other Christmas
See full range
of fruit hampers
& their prices
Gourmet Basket
has the best range
of wine hampers.
See Full Range
& Prices HERE

There are many
beer hampers
to choose from
many different online

Choose from
craft beer gifts
hampers, beer
bouquets, beer and
chocolate hampers
and more.
Macarthur Baskets
Beer Hamper
Range & Prices

Gourmet Basket
Beer Hamper
Range & Prices

See the
Hamper Emporium
Beer Hamper
Range & Prices

Gin Aficionado
Craft Gin Hampers and
Gin & Tonic Hampers
See the Full
Range & Prices
of Gin Hampers
Numerous different
whisky hampers
See the Full
Range & Prices
of Whisky Hampers

Many different
champagne or sparkling
hampers available.

Additional hamper
contents can include
chocolates or other
nibbles or even
pamper products.
See Full Range
of Gourmet Basket

& Sparkling

Numerous coffee
hampers available.

All containing premium
ground coffee.

Other contents vary
including coffee mugs,
coffee plungers,
reusable keep cups,
biscuits, chocolate coated
coffee beans and more.
See Full Range
& Prices HERE

Wide variety of
tea hampers &
tea gift packs

All include premium
quality tea.

Other contents vary
including gorgeous
teacups, gourmet biscuits
and more.

Some tea hampers
also include
indulgent pamper

See Full Range
& Prices of

Tea Hampers

See Full Range
& Prices of
T2 Tea Gift
Packs HERE

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Xmas Hampers Australia

Gift Recipient / Size & Type Of Hamper

First and foremost when considering the best Christmas hamper to buy for your particular gift recipient consider what their preferences are. Do they prefer sweet or savoury foods? Are they a social drinker? Do they prefer wine, beer or spirits?

This information will enable you to determine whether the best Christmas hamper for them will be a chocolate hamper, a fruit hamper, a mixed food hamper, wine hamper, a beer hamper, a spirit hamper, a coffee hamper or some other type of hamper. There are so many different Xmas hampers 2023 to choose from.

Also consider whether you are gifting the hamper to one person, their whole family or a team in a workplace. This will impact the size of the hamper to choose and the variety of hamper as well.

Family Christmas hampers are becoming a very popular gift for overseas friends and family members to gift to Australians.

Hamper Packaging

Christmas hampers are generally bulky items, holding numerous products inside them. Consider the container the hamper comes in. These are often reusable containers. Choose your Christmas gift hamper wisely so the remaining container can be used by the gift recipient for years to come and will be a keepsake reminder of your generous Christmas gift to them.

For example Christmas food hampers often come packed in wicker picnic baskets while alcoholic Christmas hampers can come packed in an ice bucket.

Timing Of Purchase

The best Australian Christmas hampers sell out fast. Do not wait until the last minute to place your order and buy the Christmas hampers you have selected to gift. I have made this mistake in the past and missed out on buying the hamper I wanted as a result. If you wait too long the best hampers Australia has will be sold out and you’ll be have to settle for your second or third or lower choice of hamper to gift. My advice is to place your order early.

Timing Of Delivery

Christmas time is the busiest time of year for couriers and deliveries. Allow some extra delivery time in case of any potential delays. You don’t want to be late with your gift. Receiving an early Christmas hamper as a Christmas gift is always a pleasant surprise and allows the gift recipient to enjoy the Christmas goodies throughout the month of December.

The majority of hampers featured in this guide do Christmas hamper delivery Australia wide.


There are so many amazing types of Christmas hampers available for every budget.

Work out what your budget is for each person on your Christmas list before you start looking at which Christmas hamper would be best for them to avoid overspending your Christmas gift budget.

Christmas Food Hampers Australia

Christmas Food Hamper – Gourmet Baskets

Christmas food hampers Australia wide are one of the best Christmas gifts to give and receive.

The best Christmas food hampers contain a variety of foods that match your gift recipient’s food preferences whether this is sweet or savoury or a mix of both.

One of the advantages of Christmas food hampers is the vast number of products most of these Xmas food hampers contain. Your gift recipient will have fun rummaging through the hamper discovering loads of treats for them to indulge in and savour over the days and weeks after receiving it.

Christmas food hampers are a great Christmas gift for work teams to share and enjoy at work. They are also great family Christmas hampers Australia sells with a variety of contents to delight every family member.

When choosing a food hamper to gift you can choose a general food hamper or a specific Christmas food hamper. Both types of food hamper are wonderful Christmas gifts. The main difference is that Christmas food hampers tend to include Christmas themed food items like mince pies, Christmas fruit cake and shortbread. They can also sometimes contain luxury Christmas crackers, a Christmas elf or other Christmas items.

Food hampers, especially Christmas food hampers, often also include wine or Champagne.

Christmas Food Hamper – Gifts Australia

Gifts Australia food hampers come elegantly and sturdily boxed with a large variety of food hampers to choose from.

Macarthurs Basket have a huge range of Christmas Food hampers starting from cheap Christmas hampers Australia wide to much more expensive luxury Christmas food hampers.

If you are looking for the best value Xmas hampers Sydney wide that ship around Australia, Macarthurs Basket is the place to look first.

The Christmas Share Hamper from The Hamper Collective Australia

The Hamper Collective Australia has an extensive range of Christmas Hampers to choose from. They offer free delivery Australia wide and their Christmas hampers include premium Australian products from various small local Australian businesses. I love their goal to stay conscious of their global carbon footprint and free from animal cruelty.

Above is a photo of The Hamper Collective The Christmas Share Hamper I was delighted to receive. I love the mix of festive products it contains. Unlike a lot of Christmas hampers, even the Christmas bonbon is high quality, containing a beautiful infinity necklace designed by Swarovski.

Christmas Chocolate Hampers Australia

Who doesn’t love receiving the Christmas gift of chocolate? Your sweet-toothed family and friends will definitely love to receive a Christmas chocolate hamper as will most people.

Xmas chocolate hampers are great hampers for sharing and are thus one of the best family hampers Australia wide and also a great workplace Christmas hamper to gift too.

Chocolate Hamper – Gourmet Basket

Gourmet Basket sells a large range of chocolate hampers with various different contents including premium chocolate, cookies, fudge and more.

Christmas Chocolate Bouquet – Macarthur Baskets

Macarthur Baskets also has an amazing range of stunning chocolate bouquets. These Xmas chocolate hampers are always popular and go really quickly! They look great as a Christmas table centrepiece.

Fruit Hampers Australia

Fruit Boxes

Fruit Boxes

Fruit hampers, or fruit boxes as they are also known as, are delicious and healthy. They are very welcome gifts at Christmas time especially for health conscious friends and family. They are the perfect Christmas gift both for families and also as a corporate gift. There are many different fruit hampers to choose from. It is up to you whether you choose a fruit only hamper or one with added chocolate, wine or other Christmas nibbles. Click the link below to see our favourite fruit hampers.

Wine Hampers Australia

Wine Hamper – Gourmet Basket

You can never go wrong with gifting a Christmas wine hamper or Christmas wine gift pack. Even if your gift recipient doesn’t drink much they will usually have a drink to celebrate Christmas. Gourmet Basket has the best wine gift baskets with the best choice of wines.

Beer Hampers Australia

Beer hampers Australia wide are popular hampers to gift to men who can sometimes be difficult to buy gifts for. Although I know quite a few women who would love to receive a beer hamper too.

Depending on your gift recipient’s preferences you can choose a craft beer gifts hamper, a beer bouquet, a beer and snacks gift basket, a beer and chocolate hamper, a beer and cheese hamper, a regular beer basket gift or more for them.

You could also pair your beer hamper with a beer gift subscription to give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Beer Hampers – Macarthurs Baskets

Macarthurs Baskets beer hampers are a good choice of hamper for beer loving work colleagues.

Beer and Cheese Hamper – Gourmet Basket
Australian Beer Hamper – The Hamper Emporium

Other Alcohol Hampers

Alcohol hampers, Christmas booze hampers, or alcohol gift packs as they are also known, are popular gifts to give. Even if your gift recipient doesn’t drink regularly they probably drink on special occasions such as Christmas making this a special gift to give.

There are plenty of different cocktail and spirit hampers available enabling you to choose the tipple of choice that your gift recipient prefers.

The best gifts are those that show you know the gift recipient well and reflect their preferences so make an effort to find out your gift recipient’s favourite drink to surprise them with the best alcohol hamper to suit their taste.

You may also be interested to check out our Alcohol Advent Calendar Australia 2023 Buying Guide.

Gin Hampers Australia

Gintonica Hamper – Gourmet Basket

If your gift recipient’s favourite drink is a gin then there are a number of gin hampers to choose from depending on whether they are a true gin aficicando who loves craft gins and is interested in learning about different gins and reading the accompanying gin tasting notes, or whether they simply enjoy drinking gin and tonics.

With gin and tonic being the quintessential summer cocktail a gin hamper is the perfect Christmas hamper to gift.

We’ve also written a Best Gin Advent Calendar buying guide HERE.

Whisky Hampers Australia

Whisky Hamper – Gourmet Basket

The perfect gift for the whisky lover is a whisky hamper.

There are several amazing whisky hampers to choose from each with a different type of whisky. Other inclusions in the best whisky hampers Australia wide vary but can include whisky glasses, nuts, chocolates and more.

If you love a good whisky you’ll also love our Best Whisky Advent Calendar buying guide.

Champagne Hampers Australia

Champagne Hamper – Gourmet Basket

Sipping a glass of high quality champagne is such a pleasurable indulgence.

I always think a champagne hamper is one of the classiest hampers to gift a special friend.

Do you have a champagne lover in your life who would be delighted to receive a Christmas champagne hamper?

Champagne hampers, or sparkling hampers, are the perfect Christmas celebratory gift whether you choose one containing just champagne or with added chocolates. My favourites are the ones with pamper products included.

Coffee Hampers Australia

Coffee Hampers Australia

Coffee hampers are the best gift for a coffee lover.

We all have that friend that functions best after a coffee. Gifting them Christmas coffee hampers is the best present possible especially at this time of year.

There is a large range of coffee hampers Australia wide to choose from with a variety of contents. All of them contain premium ground coffee of course. Other contents vary including coffee mugs, coffee plungers, reusable keep cups, chocolate coated coffee beans, biscuits, fudge and more.

Choose the coffee hamper that best matches your friends preferences.

Tea Hampers Australia

Tea Hampers

The best gift for the tea lovers on your Christmas list is a tea hamper.

There is nothing better than a relaxing cup of hot tea especially during the hectic Christmas period. By gifting your tea loving friend a tea hamper you are gifting them the perfect excuse to take some indulgent time out from their busy life for themselves to enjoy a soothing cuppa.

There are so many amazing tea Christmas hampers on the market at every price point. The hard decision is choosing the best tea hamper to suit your gift recipient’s preferences.

T2 Tea Gift Pack

If you are looking for a smaller tea gift for a teacher or work colleague T2 stocks excellent tea gift packs at more affordable prices than the cost a big tea hamper.

You may also be interested in clicking HERE to read our Best Tea Advent Calendar buying guide.

Where To Buy Online Hampers Australia

I tend to do all my Christmas hamper buying research online. I then buy my Christmas hampers online Australia wide as well. Buying online Christmas hampers means I save myself the time and hassles of driving to a physical store, having to find parking and risking the product being sold out in store.

Christmas hampers are usually quite bulky, heavy and awkward to carry so getting them delivered is best in my opinion. I find online shopping the most convenient.

You can get your Christmas hampers delivered Australia wide to your gift recipient directly, or if you want to personally hand over your gift you can get the hamper delivered to you to then give to your lucky recipient.

Buying Christmas hampers online from an Australian online store as listed in this guide is also a convenient way for overseas family and friends to buy a Christmas hamper for their Australian loved ones.

Throughout this article I have linked to the best online Christmas hamper Australia sources in each individual category covered.

I hope this Christmas Hamper Buying Guide helps you identify the best Christmas hampers to match your gift recipients’ preferences and make your Christmas gift shopping that little bit easier this year.

Merry Christmas!

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