Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas Australia 2023

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Christmas Eve boxes Australia wide have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years but it can be confusing knowing what the best items are to include in your children’s Christmas Eve boxes. To make things easier we’ve researched and written this Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas Australia guide to help you create the best personalised Christmas Eve boxes for your children.

Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas

What Is A Christmas Eve Box?

Christmas Eve Boxes are boxes filled with small festive gifts given to children on Christmas Eve.

The purpose of a Christmas Eve box is to make Christmas Eve special for the child and to make it easier for the parents too.

All the items I place in my kids’ Christmas Eve Boxes are designed to be fun and festive for my kids but also serve the dual purpose of making Christmas Eve easier for me as a parent.

The items I choose aim to help my kids settle down, have some family bonding and quiet time, enjoy their bath and then get dressed in their newly gifted Christmas pyjamas and go to bed in a timely manner on Christmas Eve when they otherwise would be over excited about Christmas the next day.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Things To Put In Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve Boxes are flexible and can include whatever you fancy but the following factors are useful to consider when choosing Christmas Eve Box contents.

Useable On Christmas Eve

Always consider whether the item will be useable on Christmas Eve.

All the items in Christmas Eve boxes should be useable on Christmas Eve. You can gift other presents on Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve Activities

Consider whether the item will occupy the kids, encourage quiet time or facilitate family bonding Christmas Eve activities.

Easier Christmas Eve Bath & Bed Time

Also consider whether the items in the Christmas Eve Box will make your life as a parent easier on Christmas Eve.

All the items I place in my kids’ Christmas Eve Boxes are designed to be fun and festive for them but also serve the dual purpose of making Christmas Eve easier for me as a parent.

Kids can be so excited on Christmas Eve, it can be difficult to follow the usual bath time and bed time routines. Choosing items such as glittery Christmas bath bombs and new Christmas pyjamas will make your children eager and enthusiastic to have a bath, get dressed in their pyjamas and go to bed thus making Christmas Eve easier for you. This gives you some precious time to either finish off some last minute Christmas prep and Christmas recipes or simply relax before the big day itself.


Christmas Eve Box items should be budget friendly. You do not want the Christmas Eve Box to strain your budget. Christmas is a magical time of year. You do not need to buy expensive items for Christmas Eve boxes. There are so many amazing cheap Christmas Eve Box options available. Affordable items are just as festive and fun for children. In this guide I have included links to affordable options where ever possible.

Filled Christmas Eve Box Australia Suggestions Chart

Christmas Eve

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Hot Chocolate
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Best Xmas Eve Box Ideas

How To Choose A Christmas Eve Box 2023

The first thing you need when putting together a Xmas Eve Box is the box itself. The box can be as simple or as fancy as you like. If you are on a tight budget then you can use a plain cardboard box you may already have at home and cover it with Christmas paper. You can make your boxes customised for each child by printing out and pasting your children’s names onto the boxes.

Personalised Christmas Eve Boxes

If you don’t have a box handy to use at home then an affordable and cute option is one of these cardboard personalised Christmas Eve boxes. Being personalised elevates this box up a level and makes it special. A link will be added here when the 2023 personalised cardboard Christmas boxes are released later this year.

Personalised Christmas Eve Box

Personalised Wooden Christmas Eve Box

Personalised Wooden Christmas Eve Box

If budget is no issue for you then click HERE to see a comprehensive range of personalised wooden Christmas Eve boxes and crates.

Using a wooden Christmas eve box Australia wide elevates the Christmas Eve box to the next level. These wooden boxes are absolutely stunning and can be used again each year, making them more economical and environmentally friendly in the long run. You could store Christmas decorations in these boxes throughout the rest of the year.

Personalised Wooden Christmas Eve Crate

What To Put In A Christmas Eve Box For Kids

There are so many great Christmas eve box ideas for kids such as Christmas pyjamas, Christmas bath products, Christmas books, Christmas soft toys and Christmas hot chocolate supplies.

Christmas Pjyamas

Matching Family Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas pyjamas are one of the most popular items to put into a kids Christmas Eve box.

Christmas PJs have the benefit of getting your child excited about getting changed into their pyjamas on Christmas Eve.

Click HERE now for a range of fun and festive kids Christmas pyjamas.

New and matching Christmas pyjamas are not only fun to wear for the kids but the whole family. Kids love dressing in matching outfits to their parents especially on special occasions such as Christmas Eve.

Matching Christmas pyjamas also have the advantage of making your Christmas Day photos of opening presents in the morning look festive, stylish and coordinated. Matching family Christmas PJs are a great addition into a family Christmas Eve box Australia wide. I have also added Christmas pyjamas into a Christmas eve box for adults when I had the kids’ grandparents stay over one Christmas Eve. Both the kids and the grandparents loved their matching PJs.

Click HERE now to see a comprehensive, super-affordable selection of matching family Christmas pyjamas.

Last year, much to the delight of my kids, I also included a Christmas outfit for our pet dog in the kids Christmas Eve Box.

Christmas Bath Bombs & Christmas Bubble Bath

Including Christmas bath products, Christmas bath bombs or even just sparkly bath products in your kids’ Christmas Eve boxes will have them running to the bathroom eager for their Christmas Eve bath.

Christmas Bath Products
Christmas Bath Products
Festive Bubble Bath & Shower Gel

Christmas Books

Christmas Books

Our family absolutely loves Christmas books and they are always an item I include in the kids Christmas Eve Boxes.

Click HERE now to check out our guide to the best Christmas Books For Kids.

Christmas books are festive, can be read together as a family or can provide the kids with a quiet time activity on Christmas Eve while the parents organise things for Christmas Day.

Click HERE for a huge range of Christmas books to choose from.

Christmas Soft Toy

If you are creating a Christmas Eve Box for toddlers adding in a Christmas themed soft toy is one of the best Christmas Eve box ideas for toddlers.

Allowing your child to take the new soft toy to bed with them will make getting your child into bed on Christmas Eve a lot easier than it would otherwise be.

My favourite Christmas soft toy is the Dr Seuss Grinch Luvster Blanket Plush. This would be perfect teamed with the Dr Seuss book and/or movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas in a Christmas Eve Box. In fact a Grinch Christmas Eve box is a fabulous theme for a Christmas Eve box in which you can include Grinch pyjamas, a Grinch soft toy, Grinch book, Grinch decorations, green drinks and lollies and more.

Grinch Soft Toy & Box

Christmas soft toy teddies are always popular too.

Christmas Teddy

Christmas Hot Chocolate

Christmas Hot Chocolate

While I tend to avoid placing lollies into my kids’ Christmas Eve Boxes as I don’t want to give them a ‘sugar high’ and make them less likely to fall asleep, I do pop a special Christmas mug and hot chocolate into their Xmas Eve Boxes, with a couple of included marshmallows.

The hot chocolate is a delicious special treat for them to enjoy on Christmas Eve and the warm milk in the hot chocolate does tend to make them sleepy.

FAQs About Christmas Eve Box Ideas Australia Wide

Should I Wrap The Christmas Eve Box Gifts?

There are no definite rules about Christmas Eve boxes. Whether you wrap the gifts in them or not is totally up to you.

Personally I prefer NOT to wrap the gifts in the Xmas Eve boxes I create for my family. I save the gift wrapping for the Christmas Day presents. I just place the gifts into the decorated Christmas Eve box.

Are Christmas Eve Boxes Just For Kids?

Absolutely not! Christmas Eve boxes for kids, Christmas Eve boxes for toddlers and Christmas Eve boxes for babies are fun but why should adults miss out. Christmas Eve boxes for adults and couples are also lots of fun.

What Are Some Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults?

Some Christmas Eve box ideas adults will love include wine, wine glasses and delicious Christmas eve chocolates or cheese and crackers to savour once the kids are in bed. Other adult Christmas eve box ideas include luxe pampering bath products and Christmas scented candles.

What Are Some Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Couples?

Adult products can be a fun addition into couples Christmas Eve boxes for each other. Another idea is beautiful new lingerie.

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