Best Christmas Candles Australia 2022

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Candles have long been associated with Christmas and are both a great Christmas gift for family and friends as well a wonderful way to decorate your own home to create a lovely Christmas ambiance. Candles are also a welcome addition in Christmas hampers as well as Christmas Eve Boxes for adults.

To make finding the best Xmas candles Australia wide easier for you we have done the research for you and created this Best Christmas Candles Australia 2022 buying guide for your reference.

Whether you are looking for the best Christmas scented candles, best Glasshouse Christmas candles, best Circa Christmas candles, best Diptyque candles, best cheap Christmas candles or the best candle advent calendar Australia has to offer we’ve got it covered for you.

We also detail the decision making factors to consider when choosing the best festive candle to suit your needs and wants.

Best Christmas Candles Australia

Best Christmas Candles Australia Comparison Chart

Please note that this buying guide and comparison chart will be updated regularly in the months leading up to December as soon as new Christmas candles are released onto the market in Australia from September onwards.

Christmas Candles

Triple milled candles.

Various Christmas
scented candles
available including:
Gingerbread House,
Night Before Christmas,
White Christmas &
Merry & Bright.

Various Christmas
candle sizes
available including:
380g, 60g & a 30g
Christmas bauble candle.
A link to the
2022 versions
of these Glasshouse
Christmas candles
will be added here
as soon as they
are released.
Christmas Candles

Natural soy wax candles.

Australian made,
handmade, hand poured.

Various Christmas
scented candles
available including:
Gingerbread Cookies,
Raspberry & Rhubarb,
& Oceanique.

Christmas candle
size: 350g. 2 wicks.

60g candle in Christmas
Bauble & Christmas
Bon Bons.
A link to the
2022 versions
of these Circa
Christmas candles
will be added here
as soon as they
are released.

Top of the range,
luxe candles.

Numerous divine scents
including: Mimosa,
Baies, Tubereuse,
Figuier, Roses &
many more.

190g and 70g sizes.
See Prices
Christmas Candles
Dusk Christmas CandlesDusk Christmas candles
combine native
flora and fauna
in a fusion of
festive cheer.
See Price
Daniel Brighton
Christmas Candles

Affordable Christmas

Soy wax
scented candles.

These full sized Christmas
candles are 250g &
have a burn time of
45 hours.

The mini 50g candle
in the Christmas bon bon
has a 2 hour burn time.

Christmas scents include:
Gingerbread & Vanilla
Cookies, White Clove &
Cinnamon, Cinnamon
& Nutmeg and more.
See Price
West Avenue
Christmas Tree
Candle Advent
24 mini 50g
scented candles.

Eco friendly,
re-useable wooden
Christmas Tree
See Price

Glasshouse Christmas Candles Australia

Glasshouse Christmas Candles

The Glasshouse Christmas range of candles is absolutely stunning this year and is our pick of the best Christmas candles Australia wide taking scents, packaging, vessels, candle quality and price into consideration.

Glasshouse have chosen the most celebratory Christmas red colour for this collection with accents of white and gold, and a mix of rich textures such as gloss, velvet and glitter for the vessels and packaging. I absolutely love the luxe look of the Glasshouse Christmas bauble containing the mini candle inside.

All Glasshouse candles are triple milled and their range of festive scents available in their Christmas candle range this year is divine!

Glasshouse always has the best Christmas candles scents. Some of the scented Christmas candles in the Glasshouse Christmas scented candle range include the:

  • White Christmas Candle – cedar leaf and fruity cloves. This scent evokes the magic of freshly blanketed pines and roasting chestnuts.
  • Gingerbread House Candle – festive spiced biscuit. Make this Christmas the most decadent yet, with this buttery, bourbon-spiked sweet and spicy delicacy.
  • Night Before Christmas Candle – dancing sugar plums. This cult-favourite festive fragrance reminiscent of plum pudding is one that would delight any Christmas lover.
  • Merry & Bright Candle – pineapple mint fizz. This fresh fruity candle scent embodies a summer Christmas.

A link to the 2022 versions of these Glasshouse Christmas candles will be added HERE as soon as they are released.

Circa Christmas Candles

Circa Home Christmas Candles

Another top candle brand with amazing Xmas scented candles is Circa Home.

Circa Home candles are Australian made, handmade and hand poured using natural soy wax.

The size of the Circa Christmas candles is 350g and the vessels are absolutely stunning!

A mini Christmas scented candle of 60g is found in the Circa Christmas Bauble and Circa Christmas Bon Bons.

The Circa scented Christmas candles range include the festive:

  • Christmas Gingerbread Cookies Candle
  • Christmas Raspberry & Rhubarb Candle
  • Christmas Oceanique Candle Tin Bauble
  • Christmas Mini Bon Bon Candles.

My favourite is the Circa Home Gingerbread Cookies scented candle.

A link to the 2022 versions of these Circa Christmas candles will be added HERE as soon as they are released.

Diptyque Candles

Diptyque Candles

Parisian-based Diptyque is a luxurious, top of the range candle brand that any candle lover would absolutely love to receive as a Christmas gift.

Strictly speaking while these aren’t Christmas candles I can’t think of a candle brand I’d rather receive as a Christmas gift which is why I’ve included them in this guide.

Some of the amazing Diptyque scented candles include Mimosa, Baies, Tubereuse, Figuier, Roses and many more. Diptyque candles come in a small 70g size or a larger 190g size.

Diptyque candles are an amazing decadent gift, perfect for the special people in your life.

Dusk Christmas Candles

Dusk Christmas Candles
Dusk Christmas Candles

Dusk Christmas candles combine native flora and fauna in a fusion of festive cheer. Not only are they perfect for decorating your home during the Christmas season, they are also a great Australian Christmas gift to send to family and friends overseas.

We will add new Dusk Christmas candle information here when it is released later this year.

Daniel Brighton Christmas Candles

Daniel Brighton Christmas Candles

The Daniel Brighton Christmas collection is a festive collection of affordable Christmas candles.

These full sized festive scented candles contain 250g of soy wax with a burn time of 45 hours and look elegant with a gold Christmas design on a white vessel.

The gold Christmas bon bons would look spectacular as special festive favours on the Christmas table and contain a mini 50g candle with a 2 hour burn time.

The Daniel Brighton candles Christmas collection includes the following Christmas themed scents:

  • Gingerbread & Vanilla Cookies
  • White Clove & Cinnamon
  • Cinnamon & Nutmeg
  • and more.

Candle Advent Calendar Australia

West Avenue 24 Candle Advent Calendar Tree

Candle lovers will absolutely love counting down the days in December until Christmas with their own candle advent calendar.

The best candle advent calendar Australia wide that we have found is the West Avenue Christmas Tree Advent Calendar.

Not only does this candle advent calendar contain 24 mini 50g scented Christmas candles including cinnamon and nutmeg, vanilla cookies and gingerbread scents but this Scandi look wooden advent calendar can be re-used each year, filling it with either mini candles again or your choice of other little goodies.

Decision Making Factors To Consider When Buying A Christmas Scented Candle

There are several different key factors to consider when buying a Christmas candle to ensure you choose the best one to match your needs and wants.


Choose a scent that matches the Christmas mood you are wanting to create whether this be a Christmas baking type scent such as gingerbread or vanilla, a fresh fruity scent or a scent reminiscent of pines and roasting chestnuts for example.


Choose a candle with a vessel that matches and complements your Christmas decor whether this be a stunning Christmas red, gold, white or some other colour of your choosing.

Consider whether you are wanting Christmas candle bon bons to give as gifts or as Christmas table favours, Christmas candle baubles for your Christmas tree or Christmas scented candles for your Christmas table.

Burn Time

Consider the burn time of the candle you are considering buying. The larger the candle the longer the burn time usually. If you are wanting to burn your candles throughout your Christmas party make sure you buy a big enough candle and not one that will only burn for a time less than the duration of your party.


With scented candles price does matter. Cheaper candles usually do not fragrance a room as well as better quality ones.

Where To Buy Christmas Candles

This year I am doing all my Christmas gift and decor research online and then I’m buying online too. Online shopping is so much quicker and more convenient than buying in store. It eliminates the need to drive to various different physical stores, search for a car park, and then risk the product you are wanting being sold out in that store.

I have included links to online stores for each of the festive candles featured in this guide.

I hope this Christmas Candle buying guide helps make your Christmas planning, Christmas preparations and Christmas gift shopping easier this year.

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Finally don’t forget to treat yourself as well. We all deserve some little daily indulgences in the lead up to Christmas this year. Christmas isn’t just about treating the kids and buying gifts for everyone else. You deserve treats too! Check out our Best Alcohol Advent Calendar and Best Food Advent Calendar buying guides for treats you will no doubt love.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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