Best Advent Calendars For Dogs Australia 2022

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Dog lovers rejoice! Dogs are being included in more and more Christmas festivities including family dog Santa photos wearing dog Christmas outfits and now dog advent calendars too. Yes, your four legged furry friends can now celebrate the countdown to Christmas with their own doggy advent calendar.

In the past there have been advent calendars for every member of the family EXCEPT for dogs. There have been kids advent calendars, LEGO advent calendars, beauty advent calendars, food advent calendars, tea advent calendars and even alcohol advent calendars but dog friendly advent calendars have been sadly lacking. Well that has now changed and you can now buy a dog Christmas advent calendar for your loyal four legged friend too. Other pet advent calendars are available too including cat advent calendars.

To help you source the best advent calendars for dogs Australia wide I have done the research for you and created this dogs advent calendar buying guide.

Please note that I will be adding more dog advent calendars 2022 to this buying guide as they are released in Australia towards the end of the year. If you are interested in buying a dog treat advent calendar or a dog toy advent calendar this year then save this guide and check back regularly throughout October and November.

Best Advent Calendars For Dogs, Australia

Best Advent Calendars For Dogs Australia 2022 Comparison Chart

Browse through our listed advent calendar dogs comparison chart. Whether you are looking for a dog treats advent calendar or a dog toys advent calendar we have covered both of these.

More detailed information about each dog advent calendar 2022 Australia wide is included below.

Click on any of the links to take you to the relevant online website for that advent calendar 2022 for dogs so you can see the current price and buy if you wish. Links for 2022 dog advent calendars will be added as they are released.

Doggie Treats
Advent Calendar
25 Christmas Tree
Shaped Chicken &
Turkey Flavoured
Bite Sized Treats.
See Price
Zippy Paws
Dog Holiday
Advent Calendar
12 Holiday Themed
Squeaky Dog Toys.
See Price
Golder BARKery
Christmas Dog
Advent Calendar
Golden Barkery Dog Advent Calendar24 all natural
dog paw shaped
dog treats made
from pet friendly
human grade
See Price
Veggie Paws
Advent Calendar
For Dogs
Veggie Paws Advent Calendar For Dogs24 day gourmet
dog treats advent

Hand baked,
plant based,
all natural,
wheat free
dog treats.

Vegan friendly.
See Price
Bow Wow
Advent Calendar
For Dogs
25 day advent
calendar containing
55 treats in total.

Only 2 ingredients
per treat.

All natural.

Grain free.

Made with 95% real meat.

No artificial colours,
flavours or
A link will be
added to the 2022
version of this
Bow Wow dog
advent calendar
as soon as it is
released this year.
Laila & Me
Christmas Advent
Calendar With Treats
for Dogs 2022
17 varieties of pet
treats over 24 days.

Pet treats are
100% natural,
healthy &

Treats include:
Kangaroo Jerky Cubes,
Lamb Puff Chips,
Mussels or Whitebait,
Freeze Dried Wild Boar,
Parsley Chicken & more.
A link will be
added to the 2022
version of this
Laila & Me
dog advent calendar
as soon as it is
released this year.
Kitty Treats
Advent Calendar
25 x 100% Australian
Chicken & Turkey
with Cranberry
Bite Sized Treats
For Cats.

Gluten Free.

See Price
Best Dog Advent Calendar Australia Comparison Chart

Dog Advent Calendars Australia 2022

Doggie Treats Dog Advent Calendar – Dog Treat Advent Calendar

Dog Advent Calendar

This cute dog treat advent calendar 2022 will enable your dog to countdown the 25 days to Christmas with you. It’s the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit, ready for the festive season.

Behind each day’s window is a delicious Christmas tree shaped chicken and turkey flavoured treat for your pup to enjoy. Open one window each day and watch your dog’s delight at receiving this soft and delicious, chewy bite sized extra treat.

Each treat is made from 100% Australian chicken and turkey with cranberry, and is full of nutrients and gluten free.

Zippy Paws Advent Calendar – Dog Toy Advent Calendar 2022

Zippy Paws Dog Advent Calendar

This dog toy advent calendar 2022 is sure to be a favourite with your pup, it’s the perfect puppy advent calendar for a playful puppy.

The Zippy Paws Holiday Advent Calendar contains 12 holiday themed toys including a gingerbread man, candy cane, Santa and more. Each toy contains a round squeaker inside it.

Golden BARKery Christmas Dog Advent Calendar

Ollie licking his lips in excited anticipation of the treats in his
Golden BARKery Dog Advent Calendar

The Golden BARKery Christmas Dog Advent Calendar is filled with 24 all natural dog treats made with love from pet friendly human grade ingredients. The packaging is beautiful and includes a gorgeous sleeve covering the advent calendar.

The hand crafted, honey and vanilla biscuits have dog friendly yoghurt icing and are all shaped as cute dog paws. The biscuits are grain free and are made from buckwheat flour, free range eggs, sunflower oil, honey, vanilla and cinnamon. The biscuits are naturally coloured with hard yoghurt icing. The icing colours are derived from fruits and vegetables.

My dog Ollie is going to have a Merry Woofmas counting down to Christmas with one of these dog-a-licious treats per day during December.

Veggie Paws Advent Calendar For Dogs 2022

Veggie Paws For Dogs Advent Calendar
Veggie Paws For Dogs Advent Calendar

Veggie Paws makes plant based treats for dogs. Their dog treats are hand baked in small batches in South Australia, with all natural, nutritious ingredients and no nasties. Their products are wheat free and vegan friendly.

Veggie Paws created Australia’s original advent calendar for dogs four years ago. This year’s Veggie Paws Dog Advent Calendar is beautifully packaged in a super cute Australiana Aussie Christmas illustrated box.

All the fun favourite Veggie Paws flavours such as Watermelon Slushie, Carrot Cake, Mango Cheesecake and Supaw Green Smoothie are included. There are also 8 Australiana themed advent calendar flavours and designs such as Fairybread Paw, Lamington Paw, Candy Cane Koala and more. The treats are cutely shaped as paws and Australian animals.

My dog Ollie was so excited when this advent calendar arrived. It took quite some time and bribing for me to get a photo of him with the calendar without his nose being pushed against the packaging sniffing it. Little does he know that he will need to wait until December before he gets any of these delicious treats.

Ollie with his Veggie Paws Advent Calendar

Bow Wow Advent Calendar For Dogs Australia

Bow Wow Advent Calendar For Dogs

The Bow Wow Advent Calendar for Dogs is a beautifully packaged 25 day dog advent calendar containing 55 treats.

I love that the treats are all natural and grain free containing no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Each treat contains only 2 ingredients and is made with 95% real meat. Your pup will love counting down the days to Christmas with these delicious and healthy daily treats.

I will add a link to the 2022 version of the Bow Wow Advent Calendar For Dogs as soon as it is
released this year.

Laila & Me Christmas 2022 Advent Calendar With Treats For Dogs

Laila & Me Dog Advent Calendar 2022
Laila & Me Dog Advent Calendar

Your dog is sure to love the Laila & Me Dog Advent Calendar. They’ll be tail wagging in excitement to receive a delicious treat each day and you’ll be reassured by the treats being healthy, 100% natural and hypoallergenic.

All Laila & Me products are made in Australia in small batches to ensure freshness.

17 varieties of treats are included over 24 days. Treats include kangaroo jerky cubes, lamb puff chips, mussels or whitebait, freeze dried wild boar, parsley chicken and many more including a few never seen before treats loved by Laila and Me dog testers.

The Laila and Me Advent Calendar packaging is so cute.

These dog advent calendars will be posted out from October 2022 onwards.

I will add a link to the 2022 version of the Laila & Me Dog Advent Calendar as soon as it is
released this year.

Cat Advent Calendar Australia 2022

It’s now possible to get an advent calendar for pets other than dogs too. I’ve had a couple of requests from cat owners asking for assistance in finding the best cat advent calendar 2022 Australia for them so I’ve added the following advent calendar for cats 2022 Australia to this post as well. Do let me know if you are searching for any other pet advent calendar Australia wide.

Advent Calendar For Cats & Kittens – Cat Treat Advent Calendar

Cat Advent Calendar

For those of you who emailed me to ask, yes, there is an advent calendar for cats available too!

This Kitty Treats Advent Calendar contains 25 bite sized treats for your feline friend made from 100% Australian chicken and turkey with cranberry. All the treats are gluten free.

When the treats are all gone I like that the packaging is 100% recyclable.

I hope this Christmas advent calendar for dogs 2022 guide has helped you find the best dog advent calendar 2022 for your dog. More dog advent calendars Australia wide will be added to this buying guide as each new dog Christmas calendar is released in Australia later this year in the lead up to Christmas.

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