3D Paper Christmas Tree Gift Wrapping

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3D paper Christmas tree gift wrapping looks festive and fun, and elevates your Christmas gift wrapping to the next level. It gives your Christmas gift wrapping a real WOW factor!

Taking the time to create DIY Christmas wrapping is a fabulous way to show others you care about them and want to make their gift as special as possible.

Making your own creative 3D Christmas wrapping paper and cards is a great Christmas craft activity to do with your kids in the lead up to Christmas and can become a memorable family tradition each year.

This tutorial shows you how to make a 3D paper Christmas tree.

This same technique can be used to create 3D Christmas tree cards too.

How To Make A 3D Christmas Tree From Paper

Materials Needed For 3D Paper Christmas Tree Wrapping

  • Brown Wrapping Paper / Kraft Paper
  • Green, brown and yellow cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Instructions For 3D Christmas Tree Gift Wrapping

Step 1 – Wrap Gifts

Wrap your Christmas gifts in plain brown paper.

Step 2 – Cut Triangles For The Christmas Tree

Cut 6 identical symmetrical triangles. The easiest way to do this is to fold a bit of cardboard in half to form a rectangle, then cut a tree shaped triangle. Open the folded cardboard and both halves of the triangle will be symmetrical.

Make sure the triangles are a good size for your gift. I usually make the triangles about half the height of the gift.

Use the first triangle as a stencil to cut the other 5 triangles so they are all identical.

You can use the same colour for each triangle or whatever colour you want your tree to be. I used three different shades of green for my Christmas tree.

Fold all the triangles in half vertically.

Step 3 – Glue The Triangles

Apply glue to one half of the first triangle. Then glue half of another triangle to the first one.

Continue gluing all the triangles together.

Then glue half the end triangle to your brown wrapping.

Fan out the glued together triangles and glue the other end to the brown paper also.

3D Christmas Tree Wrapping

Step 4 – Cut & Glue Trunk Of Christmas Tree

Cut 6 identical squares from the brown cardboard. I used two different shades of brown for my Christmas tree trunk.

Fold the squares in half and glue in a similar fashion to how the Christmas tree triangles were glued together and then glue the trunk to the gift wrapping.

Step 5 – Cut & Glue Star

How to make a 3D star from paper is the trickiest item, especially in terms of cutting the right shape. Fold the yellow cardboard in half and cut a star shape. Use this as a stencil to cut 3 other stars. Then glue the stars in the same fashion the tree was glued.

If this step is too tricky for young kids to complete you can just cut one star shape for a flat star at the top of your tree instead of a 3D star.

Step 6 – Fan Out The Cardboard

Fan out the cardboard. Your 3D Christmas tree is now complete and ready to impress your gift recipient.

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All of these techniques can also be used to create spectacular Christmas cards.

Happy Crafting and Merry Christmas!

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